Monday, April 27, 2015

Well, hello there!

It's been a long 6 weeks! I've missed you!! 

Life has been super busy and I decided to take a little blog break. It didn't start out as an intentional break, but we all know how life has the tendency to get in the sure was good for my soul, though! 

I'm sorry that I've been so slow to respond to your sweet comments checking in on me, but they really touch my heart. Each and everyone. Thank you! I wish I could give each of you a big 'ole Southern hug! 

Let's see. Since my last post, I need to post pics of Hudson's kindergarten Literary Ball (oh my, the cuteness!) and several other school programs, our Spring Break trip to New York (soooo fun!! but cooooldddd!), Grace's County Fair 8th birthday (gorgeous sunny day full of old-fashion fun!), and lots of in-between!! 

The sheer number of pictures is overwhelming... and that's just phone pics! My Canon broke so I haven't been able to take real-camera pics for some time. I've hesitated to get it repaired and may just need to save up and replace it with a brand new camera.  So for pics it is! 

Since this set of pictures is the last set I downloaded (told ya, I was behind!), let's start with these...

We spent Easter in NYC, and I have to say, I LOVED that Easter Sunday was just about Jesus and church as it should Easter baskets and no other frills and guess what? The littles didn't ONCE ask about their baskets!! Hooray! On our last day there we told them that perhaps the Easter bunny had left something for them at home or would soon after we returned. So the weekend after Easter the littles had a mini version of our Hop Hop Breakfast and it was just right for us this year.
It pays to "pick up little things here and there" because I actually had everything that ended up going in their baskets even though I was worried I would have to make a last minute run to Target. Most everything in their baskets is inexpensive stuff from the dollar section of Target and Walmart. I made the mistake of giving Hudson a Lego that he already had - ha! I can't keep up anymore! That is Lance's area of expertise, not mine, and I should have asked him before sticking it in his basket!! Oh well, he was thrilled at the prospect of being able to exchange it and get several little Mixels (tiny pouch Legos).
My favorite things in their baskets this year were these cute mini egg-shaped games from Walmart of all places!
The littles, particularly Grace, have been asking for a Snackeez cup for like a year and a half! Oh, the power of tv advertisements!! I have held strong and said no (because I think they're junk!) and even kept them from spending their own money when they asked if they could. But alas, mama was weak during a particularly late-night Target run in March and in the buggy went the silly cups. But the smiles. The smiles made it worth it!!
I'm still keeping the vintage card tradition alive. I love writing the littles love notes in those...
Silly rabbit!
Adorable cakepop alert!
But this right here is my very favorite. I love that the littles know what it's all about. And I love that I was able to capture this split-second, unprompted moment between my sweet boy and his Savior!
I sure hope you had a beautiful Easter. And yet, I am not oblivious to the fact that holidays are tough for many and my heart's prayer is that you found peace and love in the Only One that truly matters.
So glad to be back, sweet friends!