Sunday, September 30, 2012

Matryoshkas, Boo surprises and Canton

Oh my, I don't even have words to tell you how much I love this little MJ matryoshka dress!! May just be my favorite one ever. Of course I'm quite partial to nesting dolls, but I think it's the vintage style I love most...
Yesterday, my dear friend Heidi and I had a girls day out at Canton. It was pouring down so we didn't get to venture out in the fields where you find the real treasures (boo!), but I did come home with some fun finds, including this fun jack-o-lantern stake that three people tried to buy from me before I could even get it to our car!!
...and this adorable little shirt for Hudson, a modern take on old western wear. I love to find fun boy clothes like this, but I'm not so good with boy clothes, so if you have any favorite lines, please share them with me! Please and Thank you!
While I was in Canton, another one of my BFFs Segi dropped off the sweetest little boo day treats for Grace & Hudson...
Lance was with the littles at swimming lessons {thank you for taking such good care of them so I could enjoy a girls day!  love you!} and I forgot to call him and tell him to check by the front door after Segi called to tell me - oops!  So when I remembered right before bedtime, it was an even funner surprise for the littles!
Oh my, they were so excited!! The whoppee cushion and funny glasses were their favorites...and let's not even talk about the sugar rush...yes, we caved and let them consume copious amounts of pop rocks and sour candy just before bedtime -
A+ Parenting, I tell ya!
But you know what they were even more over the moon about????!!! The invitation to Shabella's first birthday!!  The littles are crazy about Shabella, Segi's niece.  She is the cutest little thing with big gorgeous eyes and hair TDF!! Love her and can't wait to celebrate with her next weekend. And yes, I have your Mickey hat ready to go for the big day, Miss Shabella!
Thank you, Aunt Segi!!
♥ Grace & Hudson

I'm slowly pulling out the halloween decor, just making little tweaks here and there, but it sure is making the house look festive! {yes, I need to change out my chalkboard!}
Totally random, but here goes...

I L.O.V.E. popcorn balls - could seriously eat my weight in popcorn balls - and that's a scary amount!  So last week I went to Walmart {mistake #1} because they had popcorn balls {they skipped out on us last year}.  I was so excited to open the bag and bite into the sweet crunchy treat when the smell stopped me dead in my tracks.  Oh my, I don't know what it was - if they were bad or treated with some sort of disgusting preservative like McDonald's pink slime, but the stench was horrendous.  Gag!  The taste was okay {yes, I opened 5 more just to check...} but I couldn't get past the smell.  So maybe I have given up popcorn balls for good *tear*.

Speaking of other gross things...turkey legs.  Chomp, Chomp.  They gross me out.  Something about walking around Canton seeing big and little people chomping off big hunks of turkey off a stick - GAAAG!

Okay, off to finish some hat orders and then meet a handsome little fella for a Lego playdate in his room ;)

Bye for now!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

wishin' for fall + family pics + preschool homecoming

This sweet picture of the littles is *exactly* where we are season-wise. We long for Fall {Grace} but reality is, it is still very much Summer-like {Hudson}. I long for that ooomph that crisp, cool mornings add to your step. Soon enough...I hope!
I've started pulling out the Fall/Halloween decorations because I like to enjoy seasonal stuff for as long as possible.  As soon as I set this up in the kitchen, Hudson declared the tree and the cat spooooooky...
These little paper straws {value section at Michaels} make me happy. And don't even get me started on sprinkles. *swoon*
But it is this cake plate that I look forward to pulling out every year.  I just love those little silhouette kids.  LOVE!
I don't know about you but my littles flip-flop like fishies out of the water when it comes to deciding what they want to be for Halloween.  So this year I made them promise in blood that once ordered there was no going back.  I tried to sway them to some cute ones at Target, but alas, these won out.
I wish I could sew really well and then I would make their costumes like my dear friend Angel did {here} - love those!  But at least, these are really pretty and non-scary so I'm happy.

Today, Hudson's preschool had a little Fall Homecoming for the parents.  They had coffee and pastries and yummy fruit.  Each classroom had artwork and projects displayed...can I say I just *love* this kind of stuff!!!  Preschool arts + crafts...hmmm, maybe I missed my calling - ha! 

Last week they were learning about pets and they each brought a stuffed animal "pet" from home.  Hudson picked a duck to take to school.  I love how they worked in shapes to create their pet masterpieces!
One fish, two perfect for his {class}!
This week is all about apples.  One of my favorites...Ten Apples Up On Top
And my most favorite...
They were practicing their cutting skills by cutting apples to make their own applesauce for snack today - yum!
These little hands sure make my heart melt...
After cutting a couple of pieces with his plastic knife, he figured he could just snap the pieces in half much faster - he he...that's my boy!
Love you so much, Hudson!
Speaking of Fall...we've got Family Pictures around the corner. Yikes! Family pics stress me out, all that trying to keep everyone dressed and clean and happy and smiling and......I'd much rather be snapping the pics - ha!

But here's a little sneak peek at what I'm working with...
Shhhhhh...I still need to add a he'd rather die   matching   coordinating outfit for the hubs.

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

one month "green" and a blanket for Coco...

Guess what???
3 more days and this little pumpkin will have an entire month of "green" conduct squares at school! She already made one trip to the treasure box (after 10 green days in a row) and she's super excited to finish off the month on GrEEn!! Way to go, Grace!

And one more thing.......she tackled her first sewing project yesterday!! 
Started out as a simple little blanket for Coco, her beloved stuffed cow, but because she is her mother's daughter and it runs in our genes, she just couldn't help herself, so it became a napmat for Coco, complete with a little pillow and a burp pad stuffed inside for the mattress.
Proper pictures of the finished product soon (sorry for the blurry, in-a-hurry phone pics!)..................we had an hour long search for Coco yesterday after she disappeared..................oh, the tearsSo glad Coco has been found and is now resting comfortably on her new mat ;) 

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

3 blind mice...and a sweet surprise

The students in the little pumpkin's class had a nursery rhyme assigned to them to memorize. Friday was recital day and they had to bring a prop to help the other students guess their nursery rhyme...hmmm, I wonder what Grace's was.......................
Although she was a bit bummed that she didn't get Hey, Diddle Diddle so she could take her beloved stuffed cow Coco as a prop, she was excited to take some of her cute little mice to school...
Getting ready...
Three blind mice, three blind mice
see how they run, see how they run...
{she had practiced all these cute motions but then she said she got nervous and forgot to do them!}
She did recite the whole nursery rhyme holding her little mice tight in her hands.  When she finished and her classmates clapped, she let out a big sigh of relief.  She had the cutest little smile on her face, even if she did forget to curtsy at the end ;)
The girls with their props...
...and the boys!
Later that day Noonie brought over some fun surprises for the littles...Hudson's favorite:  puzzles!
...and a real sewing machine for Grace!
She was soooooo excited!!
She's been begging Noonie to teach her to sew and she was so excited to get her own little machine.
I can't wait to see what you make, Grace!!
Thank you Noonie!

Monday, September 17, 2012

quick rewind {our week in random pics}

Creating with Noonie...and later at Sewing Club! 
Hooray for girl time with some of my favorite ladies!
Ashleigh~ I still want that pumpkin dessert recipe!!  And the Mexican "lasagna" casserole one too while you're at it ;)
Supporting our friends while stomping out juvenile diabetes...
Having fun with paints and thinking ahead to halloween...
Getting ready for Fall...
{I sure do have the cutest little helper!}
Breaking out Fall clothes and rejoicing over temps no longer in the 3 digits...
...but hanging on to our Indian summer a tad longer.  {I love when I catch this little monkey's shy-sweet smile!}
But don't let that ooey-gooey sweet smile fool ya, he's all-boy too and that comes with unpredictable, super goofy bathroom humor, like "Mama, I have the most amazing toots." Say whaat???  and "Just call me Mr. Mashed Potato.  That's what I want to be called from now on."
Attending back to school nights...
{more soon!}
...and checking out some super cute artwork!
I love how he drew his ears!!
Practicing ballet moves every chance she gets...
...and lovin' his new gymnastics class!
Tough morning at church with these two cuties...
{hmmm...maybe this pic snapped on our way out the door was a hint of things to come?}
The hair color roulette has landed on "dark auburn" for Fall...I kinda like it.
And last but certainly not least...20 lbs. gone! Yay!!!  Still a ways to go...
Happy Monday!