Monday, October 31, 2011

haPPy haLLoWeeN!!!

Can you tell they were soooo ready to go trick-or-treating???Miss Pirate PrincessMister Fire-spitting Dragon {cue sound effect}Love you, Noonie! {we missed you, Papa J!}Love you Mimi & Pop!Our little family {crazy expressions and all}...Grrrrrowl!Sweetest little pirate girl I ever saw!Oh my, I just about died when I saw this picture on my computer. Notice how Grace is holding Hudson back, sort of like, "don't you dare..." he he he. Welllll...the first house we trick-or-treated at, Hudson just walked on in like he owned the place and sat down in their little kid-sized recliner. He just plopped his little body down and started looking around to see what he could play with!!!! Lance and I were so embarassed!! Lance had to go on in and get him! HA!A sleepy little dragon with fistfuls of candy!!!Fun times......but we had to watch this little guy - he wanted to walk away with the pumpkins!!!As much as this little pumpkin talked about trick-or-treating, it was passing out candy that she loved best!Thank you Mimi & Pop for having us over, for dinner, and for all the yummy treats!!Happy Boo Day!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

pUmpKiNS {2011}!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every October, one of the activities we look most forward to is this trail of pumpkins...pumpkins in all shapes and sizes, painted pumpkins, carved pumpkins...all kinds of stories brought to life - only requirement: there must be at least 1 pumpkin in the whole scene.Noonie goes with us every year and we each pick out our favorite pumpkin. We were so sad that Lance wasn't with us this year...he was in California all week for work. Boo.I have to start off with my favorite this year because he is just so darn cute...Dumbo!And my second favorite...he he heHudson's favorites...But this was his most favorite!Although these little monkeys jumping on the bed came in a close second...Here's the whole cute!The little pumpkin's favorites...Mama, this one is spoooooky!Yes, all of her most favorites were Cinderella themed!Noonie's favorite wins the prize for most outside-the-box pumpkin! HA!Love these two sweet littles...There were lots of Smurf pumpkins, but this sweet Papa Smurf was our favorite...Love this Wizard of Oz scene...Winnie the Pooh...Noonie and the littles...Lots of elementary classes enter their looking at them all!There are even Christmas pumpkins! Fun times!And when we got home, the littles were super excited to receive the cutest card in the mail...Thank you, McKinley!!! We love your card and drawing and the fun treat too!And then for dinner........why a jack-o-lantern pizza, of course! Yum!Maybe next year we'll enter a pumpkin...we'll see!
{but then again, we've been saying that for 4 years...HA!}


Thursday, October 27, 2011

down on the farm...

Yesterday the little pumpkin's class loaded up a big yellow school bus and headed down to the faRm! Yee-haw! What a fun field trip...maybe my favorite yet.These two little girlies just keep growing like weeds! Take a peek {here} for one of their first field trips last year.
*sniff, sniff*
As soon as we got to the farm, we were greeted by the nicest folks and this wAgoN!This nice farmer was our tour guide and he sure made it fun for the littles.He gave the littles these tiny containers with cream and told them to shake 'em, shake 'em, shake 'em. By the time we made it to the levee, we had bUttEr!!! It was tasty too!So peaceful...A wagon ride back and it was time for the cORn bIN!Last time we were at this farm my littles were really little, wanna see? Hudson was just 4 months old!! *tear* Snow angels??? Try cOrN aNgELs!!!What goes uP...must come DOwn...this jumping pillow was too much fun!This was the scariest part of the whole day!! They talked about animal safety and had a dog that was super well trained. Sure enjoyed that part. And then..................they brought out a couple of small snakes and then THIS MONSTROSITY!!!! That's a 22 year old python, I think. Can't quite remember. I was shell-shocked and sooooo relieved when the little pumpkin did NOT want to touch it. Aaaaaaaah!On to something cuter {and safer!}...the pIg rACes! Bennett was so cute! He was so excited when they picked him to help.The choo-choo is always a kid matter the age!Sweet little pumpkin.Hmmmm...should I or shouldn't I???gO fOr It!!!We wrapped it up with a few friendly dUcK rACes......and of course, the cOrN mAZe!!!My 'city girl' told me all about the snakes that were just waiting to get us if we took a wrong turn - HA!
She takes after her mama.

But wait...more fun ahead!! We made it home in time to take a nap {and a bath!} and then it was time for our annual puMPkinPaLOOza! Fun, fun, fun pictures coming right up!