Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Tooth Fairy!

Something very special happened on Sunday, August 25th!!! Here's a little sneak peek at how it all went down...
Yes, the little pumpkin lost her very first tooth!! We were at Mimi and Pop's house...they were going to watch the littles while Lance and I went on an afternoon movie date.

That bottom left tooth was super wiggly ever since our beach vacay. Both of her bottom permanent teeth had already started making their appearance BEHIND the baby teeth - whaaaaaat???! Here look at one of the pics I took while at the beach the first week of August...
So before we left for the movies I told her to let me take a peek. That little tooth was literally hanging by a thread. The root had even come out on one side. So I asked her to let me give it a tiny little tug and POOF! popped right out!

A couple of months ago, a super sweet blog reader {Hi, Faith! Thanks again!!} sent me the sweetest tooth fairy summoning wands for the littles. Here's Grace's...
Receiving her wand for the very first time...
There's that teeny tiny tooth!
Setting it all up for the tooth fairy...
Cutest little tooth fairy pillow!
Making a wish...
And then in the morning...
The tooth fairy came!!!
She left her this sweet note...and apparently the tooth fairy can't spell at 1:00 a.m.!! *losing*
She also left her this super sparkly $5 bill!!
Someone was veeeeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyy excited!
"Mama, my tooth fairy's number must be 20, because look!!!!"
Sporting new boots and a new gap-toothed smile!!
And then..................................................
That's right!! TWO in ONE week!!! The other little bottom tooth fell out this morning! So with the money she received this week from the tooth fairy, the little pumpkin is now half way there to buying the American Girl doll she's been saving for all year!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Seaside {2013}

I have so much to share from our family beach vacay, but this pretty much sums it up: We fell in LOVE with Seaside, FL!!! So much so that we have already started planning our next trip.

Seaside is sort of like stepping back in time, but with all of the conveniences of modern day, if that makes sense. I'll be sharing lots more pics of all the fun places we visited, but for now, how about some beach pics!
I loooooooved all of the entry points into the beach...each one had unique architecture - I couldn't get enough of it! 
I wish I had not cut off her little hands in this picture - boo! Love my sweet little pumpkin!
Sweetest little fella!
The littles...4 and mama heart is full!
Two of my loves...
My other sweet love...
How did I get so lucky?
Our little family...
{thank you to the sweet voleyball-playing young lady who snapped this for us!!}
Still mama's little baby boy...even if he is growing by leaps and bounds!
I love this one! Grace LOVES the water, I mean LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEESSSS it. It took everything she had not to jump right in. When I snapped this pic, she was standing there at the edge just taking it all in, her eyes closed and her long hair just blowing in the salty air...
And this little fella LOVES the SAND so they are quite a pair - ha!!! He's so-so about the ocean but the sand, oh my! He is on cloud nine playing in the sand. I love that I was able to capture a bit of that in this picture.
Such sweet memories we have from our time in Seaside the first week of August. Can't wait to share more with you!
This may just be my favorite!  Just as we were taking pics, this sweet couple walked by, hand in hand.  I couldn't help myself and just *had* to take a picture.  I hope this is us 40 years from now!
And just to keep it real...this is sweet + silly littles.  Life with a 4 year old and a 6 year old is never boring!  he he he
Happy Sunday!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hudson's turn! {back to school 2013}

Friday was Hudson's long-anticipated first day back to school! I made these treats for his teachers...
Printable and idea via {here}.
I love this sweet picture of my baby boy...he was soooo beyond excited that it was finally his turn!
This one is a phone pic, but just check out that smile!!  Such a sweet boy!
When I grow up I want to be...
"...and I want to be a doctor too." he he he
His lunch requests..."anything blue and favorite colors!"
Ready to go!
He looks like such a big boy here! 
All 4 yr. 2 mo. of him!  Love him.
Mrs. P was also there when Grace went through the same program - we loooooooove her! Hudson was excited to see a familiar face while checking things out...
Cookies for you, Mrs. P!
Hudson and Mrs. P
Meeting his new teacher, Mrs. D!
Cookies for you too, Mrs. D!
Here's to the beginning of a great year!
Proud Mama & Daddy!
Oh, the places you'll go!
{cute prop made by his teacher}
Little treats for his classmates via {here}...
My dear Hudson,
This is the beginning of a new, wonderful, and exciting adventure for you! Daddy and I are very proud of you for being accepted into this gifted program. You have so much love and light inside of you. When you hug people, you hold on and truly squeeze as if transferring the love from your heart onto them. You also have this way about you, at just the times when I need it most, you will come around and look straight into my eyes, sometimes holding my face with your sweet little hands and sometimes just laying your head down on my chest. It's as if you sense that Mama needs extra Hudson-love at that very moment. 

I pray that your teachers will help you learn while nurturing that loving, sensitive side that just means so much. I pray that God will help you develop all those little skills that are so important in life...waiting your turn patiently, not interrupting, sharing, teamwork...and I can't think of anywhere better than K-4 to give it a go! 

Now that you will go to school every day Monday-Friday, I will miss my little Friday buddy more than you will ever know. Fridays were our day to hang out and now we will just have to carve out time on the weekends to continue having those special moments.
We love you more than words can say!
Mama, Daddy & Grace