Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter {2013}

This year more than most I have felt so impacted by what our sweet Jesus went through to save us from our sins...especially when I'm quietly holding one of the littles in my lap, my mind just drifts to the Easter story.  

Both of our littles are cuddly and love to snuggle, but Hudson looooves to snuggle, if you know what I mean. It's one of his love languages and I'm happy to oblige.
The last few days he has been extra snuggable. As I hold my little boy my mind drifts off to what Mary must have gone through watching her precious Jesus suffer like he did. It is unimaginable. Just makes my chest ache at the very thought.  What a sacrifice - Thank you, sweet Jesus!
Easter basket fun! Mermaid themed for Grace and Star Wars for Hudson...
I sure had a lot of fun putting these baskets together!
Waiting to see their Easter baskets...they were so cute!
The little pumpkin went straight for the sweet mermaid!  Thank you Angel for making it for her!!  She absolutely loves it.  It went to church with us and it has been by her side ever since.
Grace ~ age 6
Hudson ~ age 3 3/4
Hudson LOVED his Angry Birds Star Wars pillow, like serious love. He's been carrying it everywhere!
I went with useful stuff + cute stuff + fun stuff, much more so than candy...
Can you tell someone is a little obsessed with mermaids??
Star Wars, Legos, and Angry Birds have taken over Hudson's room...hmmm, can you guess what kind of birthday party he's having?? :)
Checking out the vintage toys...
Grace: It's just like thumb wrestling, Hudson!!
Kaleidoscope fun!
Books!  I looooove books! 
The little pumpkin has been wanting this book ever since her little brother flushed the oobleck she made in school during Dr. Seuss week...
And of course, a little chocolate bunny to round things out!  {some Haribo gummy bunnies too - those are sooooo yummy!}
Hi there, bunny!  I can't wait to eat you! 
I don't know about you, but it was sooooo super rainy for us Easter Sunday!  No natural light as you can see from these pics and crazy, scary winds in the morning.  Noonie & Papa J were at their other house out of town {we missed you!!!!!!} so we didn't get a family pic of the 4 of us - boo hoo!  Thought about setting the timer but didn't have time to prop up the camera somewhere tall enough, so we had to take 2 pics. 

First up, Lance with the littles...
Mama's turn!
And a couple right after church and lunch...the sun was starting to come out...
Girls just being silly :)
{when the camera comes out, the boys run far, far away...}
Happy Easter Everyone!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hop Hop Breakfast {2013}

We almost ran out of time but I'm so glad I got a second wind last night and decided to set up the table for our annual Easter breakfast!!
I feel like I've been doing a lot of last minute parties lately but maybe that's all right too since it forces me to just use what we already have and love...

After we put the littles to bed, I started digging through our Easter bins to mix things up and came up with this...just a sweet table for my little loves to make an ordinary breakfast...
When I woke up {I'm so not a morning person!!} around 8:20 a.m., Grace was already in the living room with Lance who is a morning person. Hudson had been cuddled up with Lance and I since some time in the middle of the night when he snuck in our bed and he was still there with me. First thing Grace said was, "I'm trying really hard not to look at that sweet table because I want to be surprised." Be still my heart - love that sweet girl!!
I have such a crush on these little vintage toppers that a blog reader found for me on etsy last year after I let a set slip through my fingers - they just don't make cuteness like this anymore!!
I fell in love with these sweet little lamb and bunny plates from World Market when I first spotted them just after Valentine's Day and I'm so glad I decided to get them because they were almost gone when I went back for a second visit!
These little treat boxes too...World Market had adorable easter decor this year!
I filled them up with some of my favorite speckled eggs...
Stumbled upon these on sale at Kohl's and put them back a couple of times before I decided to get them - so glad I did!  I love that they are brighter than the traditional Easter palette of pastels...
These trusty Frappuccino vintage milk bottles  have sure come in handy over the years...milk just tastes better from a cold glass, doesn't it??!
One thing I'm always on the hunt for is sweet unused vintage cards...
I love to write little love notes for the littles...
I think one day they will look back on these and enjoy knowing what was going on when they were 2, 3, 4 and so on.
Before I went to bed, I made cupcakes, both big...
...and small.
Stuffed tiny treat bags with the littles favorite cookies, "Florecitas" that my uncle sends them from Puerto Rico...
And hung little baskets with hidden treats among the faux eggs...
I set out a few of my favorite vintage decorations...
and called it D.O.N.E.!
In the morning, I whipped up a quick batch of bunny pancakes, bacon, cinammon toast, and even cut out a few little cheese shapes...meant to add bananas and fresh strawberries but when you plan last minute...
But the littles loved their special Easter treat!

The "fat carrots" didn't pass the littles' test...they called me out on the "strawberries" right away! {Note to self: don't forget to buy proper carrot cookie cutters!}
But they loved it all nonetheless!
Not too sure about the strawberry milk...
...but head over heels for the sugary sweet treats!
This little pumpkin, who is definitely not a sweet tooth, surprised me by eating a couple of the minis!
I'm no cake decorator but they were awfully cute in their teeny tiny splendor!
She gulped down her "princess milk" in record time...
And then asked for grape juice!  What a combination??!?
Eggs + Littles = F.U.N.!
The rain could NOT hamper their joy!
All in all, a very fun morning!
We're ready to celebrate the sweetest of days...Easter Sunday!  From our family to yours...Happy Easter!