Sunday, February 15, 2015

spread the love {2015}

These two cuties were super excited to celebrate Valentine's Day at school on Friday. Hudson and his bowties...swoon!
A little something to love on our teachers...
{free printable by A Night Owl here}
Every holiday we try to love on a few extra people at our school. For Valentine's Day we chose our security guard and janitorial staff and made them a valentine "love mix"!
{free printable by eighteen25 here}
Love in a jar!
Grace and Hudson's teacher, Mrs. L, has an August birthday and this past year it fell on the first day of school. That's always such a crazy day that we decided to surprise her by celebrating her 1/2 birthday! She had no idea - yay!! We pulled it off!
We made these fun valentines for the littles to share with their friends...
{free printable by The TomKat Studio here}
I wanted to go with the heart sunnies but waited too late to order online and when I priced them locally x48 decided the star-shaped funny glasses were just fine - ha! 
{Michaels, 12-pack for $3 if you're interested!}
The Disco Kids loved them! It was a wild zoo in their room with all the kids passing out their valentines that we didn't get a pic with Miss D - boo!
Grace wanted to share a little extra valentine with Savannah and Leia...a funny looking donut lipgloss and googly-eyed fake nails we found during a recent trip to Michaels...too cute!
In the Whale Tank they had activities all day long, rather than having a concentrated party - super fun for the kiddos, but sad for the parents since we don't get to see them having all the fun - boo! They decorated these cute valentine mailBAGS to take their treats home...
Hudson giving Ms. V her s'mores jar!
Love the cute Love Bug hats! Leslie made the yummy popcorn snack and the Whales gobbled it up!
And good thing we had such a fun Friday, because Saturday morning Hudson started not feeling well and poor thing is coughing his little head off as we speak - noooo! The Mr. and I will have to have a belated v-day celebration when we can get everyone to stay H E A L T H Y for longer than a couple of days at a time!!  Go away cooties!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Student of the Week!

Grace was Student of the Week a couple of weeks ago. She was sooooo excited!
She had all these fun worksheets to complete...
And then she got sick and had to miss 3 days that week - boo! That was all she talked about when we were in the hospital getting her IV - how she was missing out on her special week.  So sad!!

Her teacher is the sweetest ever and send her a text while she was in the hosp. that she could make it up the next week. I wish I would have been able to capture that smile!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Miss D!!
As part of her special week, she got to share a talent with the class and she picked two Barbie songs to sing...he he he.
Her back-up singers were so cute!!
She also shared this little trick with the class: 

While sitting, put your right foot out in front and start making clockwise circles. 

Now, take your right hand and draw the number 6 in the air. 


Yep, all of a sudden, your foot starts going in the opposite direction! 

(I was taking a video with my phone so I don't have any pics to share, but they were so cute all trying to do it!) 

Happy Student of the Week weeks, sweet Grace!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

treats for the Love Squad!

We always end up giving the littles their valentine treats at the beginning of February so they can enjoy the treats all month long, especially the valentine-themed jammies!
Every year I pull out the same "buckets 'o love" and just fill them up with some fun stuff.
Hudson has been looking like Huckleberry Finn in his pjs lately - the boy has GROWN a lot! And Grace is all about the girly nightgowns and anything pink, so pajamas were an obvious choice. 

I try to balance out a couple of things they need like pjs and undies (but make them fun in v-day colors) and a few other special treats like glittery shoes and of course, Legos! Lance snuck around while we were at the AG store and bought Grace an adorable valentine outfit for her new AG doll Grace - such a special treat!
Hudson said, "Underwear??" "That's so weird!" Boys - ha!
They always look so cute to me with their eyes closed trying so hard to wait until I say, "GO!"
I love how excited they get!
This look. He kills me! Straight love arrows to my heart!! He was actually talking about how silly that little face was way at the bottom of the Lego cup. 
When we went to Legoland a couple of weekends ago, Lance distracted Hudson outside while Grace and I did a little sneaky shopping. She filled up this cup for him from their Lego wall. Love this idea! He loves to make his own creations, just as much as put together the pre-packaged Legos.
Our resident princess! Glitter is her love language.
And this is before they consumed ANY sugar - oh boy!
She is all about fashion lately. Definitely has a big opinion about what she likes and doesn't like. So finding stuff we both like is beginning to be a big compromise. She picked this adorable shirt over a pink/red dress so I knew it was a keeper!
Isn't it sweet? My friends Angel & Amy have some adorable valentine shirts and dolls in their etsy shop {TaDa! Creations} and even more cute stuff like bunting pillows in their IG store 
(@ tadacreations)! Go check them out!
Happy {early} Valentine's Day from the Love Squad!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

I love you, February!

Because it's February 1st and my girl is finally, FINALLY feeling better!
I've never been so happy to see a new month before!
Let the pink + red + hearts everywhere explosion begin!