Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hop Hop Breakfast! {spring break part V}

Easter snuck up on us this year. Between birthday parties, school parties, going out of town, and all of our comings and goings, it just didn't work out for us to host a little Easter party like we've done for the past two years {here & here}. Grace and I were talking about it as I was putting her to bed Friday night, so I decided to surprise the littles with an easter-themed breakfast Saturday morning {yes, nothing like last minute!}.Even though these chickies have been around since Grace's 2nd Easter, my littles are fascinated by them. I bring them out every year and they just can't get enough of them hopping around, hence the name for our breakfast, ahem, brunch! {what can I say, Saturday is my only day to sleep in...and by that I mean 8:00 a.m. - HA!} I grabbed a bunch of stuff I already had and set up the table in between making chocolate chip bunny pancakes, eggs, and toast...I hung little baskets for the littles and filled them with eggs...I lucked out that I already had these cute bunny plates I was planning on putting in their Easter baskets so I just pulled them out and voila! I placed the littles' easter pics from two years ago at their place settings and oh my, look how much this little guy has grown! *tear*A little someone loved his cup!His bunny ears...not so much. HAHAHAHAHAHA!This little bunny makes me smile......but not as much as these two!Some sweet vintage touches......and waaaaaay too much sugar for this time of day!Oh my, this cinammon swirl toast was DELISH - you have to try it! {recipe here} he he he...yes, that link was intentional! Visit your Target Bakery for some of their Cinnamon Breakfast Bread - yummmmy!The bunny pancakes were a big hit with the home crowd...YUM!Mmm Mmm Good!Proof that there were some healthy options served - HA!Oh, I can't forget this sweet ducky parade!! This is the newest addition to my collection of vintage linens. It's actually a baby pillow!! Eeeek! It was a fun morning and the littles didn't seem to mind too much that breakfast didn't make it to the table until 10:30a...yikes!With spring break coming to an end we had one last activity planned...easter egg dying! Up next!
Plates & Cups:
Egg Cups: JoAnns


Amber said...

So fun! You have such a great collection :) Loving the duck pillow!!! I need to know secrets to finding all the cute embroidered linens! I want to add some to my stash and baby #2 nursery.

Party Box Design said...

simply ADORE! YOU are the best Mommy!

The Liles' said...

I need to know your secret for pulling off a "last minute" brunch like this...simply amazing!

Kelli said...

So cute!!

Nichcole said...

May I ask where you found that darling container that looks like a carrot? The one hung on your sons chair, I just think it is adorable!!! Thank you

Krista said...

Simply Adorable! You throw the cutest parties, can't believe you threw that together at the last minute.

Also, next time you get that cinnamon swirl bread, you should try my recipe for french toast using cinnamon swirl bread. It is DELISH!

Kimberley said...

this is soo stinkin' cute! a couple of questions for you: what are the whiskers made of on the pancakes? and how do you organize all your supplies? i've collected things for the major holidays, but it can be overwhelming.

Olivia said...

What a fun party! Sometimes the best parties are the ones we share just with our family at home. Your little ones will never forget all the memories you've created for them. LOVE their shirts too. Love them so much I handstitched something similar for Izzy to wear to school tomorrow. She's usually in uniform but we get Easter dress day tomorrow so bunny shirt and MJ ruffles it is! Thanks for always having a million ideas for us!

Jessica said...

Thanks everyone!!

Nichcole~ the metal carrot is from Hallmark a looooong time ago!

Krista~ I can't wait to try that recipe!! Sounds delish!

Kimberley~ My stepdad built me a wooden rack system in our garage that holds 20 of the supersized storage totes...I think they are the 18 or 20 gallon size). I keep all my seasonal decor stuff there! Love it!! :)

Yay, Olivia! Super fun!!

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