Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ice Skating {spring break part IV}

Right after our lunch at the American Girl Bistro, we headed to the rink for some time on the ice! It was Grace's first time...Hudson's first time...
{yes, we had to pull the stroller out of storage because this little one likes to dart off!}
...and MINE!His teeny tiny ice skates were too cute!I was surprised that I was able to balance and skate a little bit. I didn't fall at all - woo hoo! But I spent most of time trying to get the littles to let go a bit and glide!I was out of luck. They preferred hanging on to the rail.After I had made it around with both of them, the little pumpkin decided she wanted to go by herself. I was so proud of her determination!!Sure, she had a couple of these...But she got right back up! After each fall she would look for me and then give me the thumbs up! He cute!!We had a GREAT time.............. until............... it was time to leave. And then...Yup, he was NOT a happy camper. I remembered the play place on the 3rd floor and decided we could spend a few minutes there before leaving. Bad idea. Hudson was pretty tired by then. After about 10 minutes in the play place he misbehaved and I decided it was time to leave for good. Oh my. He yelled/screamed/kicked/cried for a solid 40 minutes. I tried holding him - didn't work - so I had to strap him back in the stroller and go. I think they could hear him from one side of the Galleria to the other and all the way through Saks as we made our way to the car. Seriously, the.worst.tantrum. he's.ever.thrown. Aaaah! Gotta love two year olds! :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

American Girl {spring break part III}

Yesterday, we spent a lovely afternoon at the Galleria. First stop......................... the American Girl store, of course!

Decked out in her "fancy necklace" and Hello Kitty lipgloss for the occasion...

Ever since our trip to Minnesota and the Mall of America this past September, Grace has been talking about the American Girl store. We really didn't spend time IN the store while at the MOA because I had a feeling Santa might be bringing her a doll and I didn't want any spoilers a few months ahead of his visit.

But this time, with Emily in hand, she couldn't have been more excited!
Hudson was excited too......excited to bringing his gator to a fancy girly tea party - HA!Of all the million things to look at in this pink heaven of a store for little girls, the little pumpkin's first stop was not the adorable mini cupcakes...No, not the cute dolls with their fancy dresses and adorable patio furniture...Nope. It was the SHOES!!!! HA!
Is she my daughter or what??! he he he
She was sooooo was the sweetest thing to watch.Poor little guy drowning in a sea of pink......I think his only respite was the Native American tepee display - he was mesmerized by it.We played pretend...Took the twins for a stroll...Played peek-a-boo with the Bitty Babies......and even posed with McKenna!Grace had been saving her money, and together with some generous birthday gifts from Papaw and Uncle Cecil & Aunt Jean, she was able to buy a pair of bright pink ballet flats, a cute aqua blue polka dot outfit and an adorable apron and market produce set for her beloved Emily.She was downright giddy!Off we went for lunch at the Bistro!But first we had to stop by the hair salon and watch a sweet lady working some magic on the little dolls...
{oh my, they even had "doll ear piercing"...whaaaat???!}
Grace with Emily by her side......and Hudson with Gator - HA!Even Noonie and I got in on the pics!I took a vacation day to squeeze in all this fun, but Lance had some work commitments and couldn't, so we sent him video messages every chance we got!When they brought Emily her very own cup & saucer, Grace was over the moon!And Hudson.........well, he was excited that they had
mac-n-cheese - HA!The tic-tac-toe pizza was super cute!And Gator, well he enjoyed the cantaloupe - that's for sure!Since Grace told one of the employees she was there to spend some of her birthday money, they asked about her birthday and then......... Cutest little ice cream cones and one super excited little girl!!She even shared with Emily...What a super fun day!! I think the little pumpkin will remember this day for a long, long time. I know I will!Up skating!
Have I mentioned that I've never ice skated before???!?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I have a very excited 5 y/o little girl today!!!!!!!!!! {spring break previewI}

And why, you may ask??

Because we're going here...
...for lunch!!A little shopping too, of course ;)And maybe we'll even sneak in a little time on the ice!Hudson is excited too. He's bringing his {gator} to sit in one of the fancy doll chairs at the AG Bistro...he he he.

Hooray for Spring Break!!!!!!!!!!!