Monday, September 15, 2014

HELP!! Please vote!

This morning, I have a favor to ask of you. Will you please take a second and vote for my dear friend Amber's "Little Lamb" dress over on The Cottage Mama's sewing contest??!
She is one of 15 finalists out of a pool of over 200 entries. 25% of the final score comes from the "popular vote". And that's where you come in!! You don't have to join anything, like anything, share anything to vote. Just click on #10 Little Lamb and submit. And you're done! 

I know I'm biased, but her dress is my very favorite because I know how much work goes into hand embroidery and she hand embroidered that adorable apron!! Oh, and her little girl's name is Grace. *wink* 

So, please click {here} and vote. And help spread the word if you can! 


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

making do.

This Summer I decided to tackle our {dining room}, to work with what we have, but to make it cleaner, simpler, more functional.
It is still a work in progress, but slowly, s l o w l y, it's taking shape.
Little bits and pieces are beginning to emerge and so far it's lovely. Lovely in a well-loved, new-to-us, makes-me-happy kind of way.
Can't wait to see it all finished, but for now, what I see makes me smile.
What about you? Any fun projects lately??

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Indian Summer

We had a mild least by Southern standards...but August. Oh, August. Why, oh why, must you bully us every year. And apparently September did not get the memo that Fall begins this month?
20 days, but who's counting?
And as insignificant as the weather is in light of the horrible things happening in the Middle East, sometimes all I want to say is simply, Stop the Violence. Stop the senseless killing of innocent people. Let there be peace.
I wish it were that easy.  I wish our children could grow up in a world free from from injustice.  And so we pray.  And then pray some more.  

Monday, September 1, 2014

soaking up the last little bit of summer

With school back in session, orders have started going out again...
But we are still holding on to nights like this...
All while enjoying the rhythms back-to-school brings...
Like sneaking in lunch with the littles here and there...
Packing lunches and healthy after-school snacks {the easy part} and *trying* to work my way back to weekly meal planning/prep {Oh, the challenge this is for me!}
Getting back in the routine is not always easy, but we try and celebrate every little step forward...
And some mornings we are extra smiley because we earned enough rewards tickets to "take off our shoes in class" and that is super fun when you are in the second grade! {I love, love the list of rewards her teacher gave them on their first day!!}
And to finish our Summer with a bang, while Daddy was here...
We squeezed in a little American Girl...Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...Legoland fun of our own.
Now we are ready for F A L L!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Beach Pics!

This year when we went to Seaside, I decided I wanted to have some professional pics taken - we were overdue for a family pic! {Lance would disagree - ha!} 

I checked out lots of photographers, but when I came across Alissa Aryn Photography, I knew she was exactly what I was looking for. Not only is she talented, laid-back, good with kids, with reasonable fees, but but most importantly, she could fit us in with only 3 weeks notice!  And to top it off, she did our session the night before going on her own vacation!  Thank you, Alissa!

These are two of my favorites! Can't wait to get the cd with the rest!!
Love, love, love!! 
{the dress Noonie and I collaborated on, turned out so sweet!! thanks, Noonie!!!!!!}
Ahhh...if only I could teleport myself to the beach right now!!
If you are looking for a family-friendly photographer on the Emerald Coast, give Alissa a call! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Canning at Freckled Hen!!!

It only took us 8 years to go on a girls trip without the littles, but this weekend, we finally did it!!
My mom and I spent this past Saturday at Natalie's Canning Workshop! It was such a fun day full of learning something new, thrifting, farm life, and friendships! We had the best time, y'all!!!
So we knocked on her {super cute} door...
...and pinched ourselves that we were there!!
Eeeeeek! So excited!!
Natalie's house is even cuter in person if that's even possible!! She really has a gift for creating a warm, welcoming space and her hospitality is a-ma-zing!!
The SWAG bags were full of the cutest stuff from some amazingly gifted artists. Thank you to all the sponsors!!!
And this never happens, but I WON the giveaway!!!!! Woo hoo!!! And for Thuy's super fun September box of paper goods cuteness at that!! I loved meeting you in person, Thuy!! You are so sweet and I can't wait to come to one of your Crafters Bash workshops!!
So after all that fun stuff, we donned on one of Natalie's cute aprons and we were ready to learn all about canning! Could she be any cuter??!?!
We dug right in!!
I can't say enough nice things about Lesley!! Not only is she crazy talented {check out her etsy shop here}, but she is just one of those people that you can tell has a heart of gold and this sweet aura about them. Loved meeting you, Lesley!!
But it wasn't all work and no play!! In between breaks we munched on the most delicious gluten/dairy/sugar-free blueberry muffins I've ever had!! THaNk yOU, Kara!!!
And we strolled through the farm, enjoying all the beautiful sights...
Checking out the goats, the chickens, the corn...
Y'all, I'm a farm girl wannabe - ha!!
Lunch was sooooo good! Kara is one talented cook! Eggplant and Chicken Lasagna and Mozarella Tomatoes...and of course, these decadent chocolate cupcakes with coconut mouth is watering just thinking about them!
With my new friend from Oklahoma! Hi, Angie!
In between all the canning, we took a break and boarded Vanny to go thrifting!
The shops in Prairie Grove did not disappoint!!!
It was LOVE.AT.FIRST.SIGHT!!!!!!!!! I've been looking forever and I was so glad I finally found a super fun typewriter and RED at that!!
Here are some of my other fun finds...
And this map!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!! It's been on my to-do list but when I stumbled upon this one, in perfect colors and ready to go, it had to come home with me!!
Back at Freckled Hen Farm, we put the finishing touches on our canned herbed tomatoes and voila! Can't wait to enjoy them this Fall!
We had the best time, Natalie!! Thank you for your hospitality!!
Thank you for joining me for this adventure, Mom!!! Loved spending this weekend with you!!
And once at home on Sunday, look who was lovin' the vintage sprayer turned "toot sound maker" - ha! He's 100% boy, that's for sure!!
It's taken me some time, but I've realized every mom needs to make time for herself and the things that make us come alive. It makes us better wives and mothers in the end.
So if you have a chance to attend one of Natalie's workshops...............DO IT!! She's got some super fun Fall workshops in the works and I hope I can attend another one!!
Loved meeting all of these sweet ladies. What a fun day!!