Tuesday, July 31, 2012

count your lucky stars...

I love how these Lulu wraps turned out and I hope you do too, E!  Here's your sneak peek...
The Matilda Jane Lucky Stars Knot was one of my favorite pieces from the Serendipity Collection so when E asked me to design two matching Lulu wraps for her girls, I jumped at the chance!
E, these will be on their way to you tomorrow morning...hope your girls love them!
Now accepting orders for custom Lulu wraps.
$15.00 shipped for a limited time. 
Convo through {etsy} for details.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Team USA

Dinner was a hit tonight...Chicken Ropa Vieja and Chipotle's "skinny" Cilantro Lime Rice, via {Skinny Taste}... yummmmmmmmmmmmm... but it was dessert that won the GoLD MedAL!
It all started with the Patriotic S'mores semifinals...
and finals...
Competing for Team USA...
World Champion Grace and Olympic Record Holder Hudson!
First event:  Longest Marshmallow String
The little pumpkin is off to a strong start, but wait...
...the seasoned veteran with his steady pace gives her a run for her money!!
Next up: Biggest Bite
The competition is fierce!
The Charmer...
The cool-under-pressure Team Captain...
Final Round:  Find your S'more, a Team Event...
{eyes closed a must!}
And the Gold in Synchronized S'more Eating goes to.........Team USA!!
S'more Eating Olympic Champions:
Grace and Hudson
London 2012
{what would Summer be without a little fun???!?}

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Sweetness...and more Resells!

The little pumpkin looked so grown up this morning on the way to church...
I loooooooooooove this sweet dress Noonie made her!
{it's the Nelle pattern by brownie-goose}
Thank you, Noonie!
Love these two sweet littles to pieces!
{even if I can't get them to be still for a picture!}
Know anyone with a little girl named Grace?
Check out the monogrammed and hand-embroidered items {here} on my resell blog!
I also listed a baby sling and new nursing cover.

Happy Sunday!

she works hard for her money...

It all started with this, spotted the day after we got home from our trip to Puerto Rico...
The squeals, oh my, the squeals.
Then the cold hard truth, "It is really cute, but if you want to buy it, you're going to have to save your money this Summer and pay for it yourself."
{Sometimes being a parent is no fun at all.  We want to teach them right though, so we press on.}

And that she did.

She did chores...
And counted the money in her piggy bank over and over and over again...what she had saved all year and what she was adding little by little each week.
Until this week.
Finally, she had saved enough!
{actually she was $1 short of $42, but I'm a softie, what can I say}
So off, to Toys-R-Us we went!

Hudson picked out some fun Legos with the gift card Papaw and Mimsy gave him for his birthday - thank you, Papaw and Mimsy!
But. No. Lalaloopsy. Silly. Fun. House. in. sight.
Oh dear.

Off to Target #1...
Still hopeful.
Two Targets later and still, no Lalaloopsy house.
The tears.
I hurt for her.
I knew how hard her little five year old self had worked to save the money to pay for it...picking up after her little brother, taking on extra chores, even asking Noonie if she had chores she could do to earn money.

This was the consolation price.  I had to.
I mean, I heard her in the backseat whispering a little prayer, "Please let this one have it, please, please let this one have it...." just as we were about to get out at the second Target.
And don't worry.
She gave her ziploc bag of money to me to order the Silly Fun House online {I secretly deposited it into the little pumpkin's bank account, but shhh, let's keep that between you and me}.
A certain big package is scheduled to arrive at our front door this week.
A little someone is very happy.
[Money Saving Lesson 1 of 2,367,549 learned...Check.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

the crafty gene.

Yup, I'm pretty sure she got that one from me.

Yesterday she asked me if she could borrow some of the party hats in the dining room craft room, if she could have one of the cupcake liners we had for the 4th of july, and if she could have a pom pom from the craft cabinet.

A little while later she told me to close my eyes and come to her room for a very special surprise. I'm so glad I had my phone with me or I would have missed these precious moments...
Why, it was Coco's birthday!
Check out her custom Lulu & Co. hat...he he he. LOVE!
She made confetti to sprinkle around..."to make it festive, mama!"
But this. This is priceless.  Take a look at her checklist!!! You think she's seen me plan a party or two?? HA! I mean, take a look! She has the guest list, the theme, the entertainment, the party sign, the music, the food, and of course, the party hats!! She is her mother's daughter, that's for sure.
Hudson was invited to the party but he refused to wear a girly party hat. Grace offered him his Gruffalo birthday hat but he still refused. So he got kicked out. Feelings hurt, he stomped on her list in anger. Then he went and found his frog wellies, superhero cape, and alligator hat...and came back to "scare all the party guests away". Those two. They make my life so sweet.
This was the best, best, BESTEST "candy store" party ever, Grace!
Thank you for inviting me. write those thank-you notes ;)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Beach Portraits...and our next adventure!

I wanted to take some beach portraits while we were in Puerto Rico but we kept waiting and waiting and next thing you know it was our last day there!  I hated that we waited until then because it rained that day and it was super hOt and hUmiD...translation = frizzy hair! boo!  We didn't get to coordinate our clothes, but we were able to get everyone to the beach just as the sun was setting and we captured some sweet memories nonetheless...

This was my favorite one of the four of us...I can't remember what Noonie was saying to try and get Hudson to smile and stay in the picture, but whatever it was it worked on the rest of us - ha!
Silly boy!
My best girl...
Sweet cuddles from Hudson...
With Noonie and Papa J...
I love, Love, LOVE this one of Noonie and Papa J with my grandma...
Grace kept laying her head on my grandma's shoulders and closing her eyes...I wish I could have captured it without her noticing, but what I love most is that she really made a connection with her...
They really just wanted to run into those waves, not pose for pictures. 
{check out Hudson's feet..he got a little tan!}
There...that's more like it!
Grace loved hanging out with her cousin Abi the whole time we were there!
Sweet girl...
I think they liked the beach ;)
And just like that it was time to come home... :(
{this was at the airport, just before we boarded our plane}
And now we're ready for our next's a {pretty big} hint...
{Photo credits: dress, hats, skirt}

YES, we're headed to Disney in November and we can't wait! We've booked our trip and we're counting down the days.  This will be our first time to take the littles so please share any tips you may have!