Monday, March 25, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week Re-cap {2013}

I am so far behind!  Last week was one of those weeks.  You know the type, right?  Yes, it was Teacher Appreciation Week at BOTH littles' schools, Grace's teacher's birthday, my birthday, the week before Spring Break, I was judging a poetry contest, Hudson was sick with a lingering dry cough, and oh yes, our national re-accreditation site visit at work (happens every 5 years), so needless to say, I tried to update the blog 4 nights in a row and 4 nights in a row I fell asleep within minutes of sitting on the sofa. 

So how about a catch-up post?  Here goes...

Monday...Rise & Shine!
Sometimes all you need is a little pick-me-up to get your week off on the right foot! We took this little bucket-o-love to Grace's teacher last Monday.  I'm not sure if it was because it was Monday or because it was the week before Spring Break and you know how crazy the littles get or because teachers have to get to school so early or.......did I mention it was Monday??.........but her smile was priceless!  And you know what? Doing something nice for someone else AlwAYs makes you feel warm + fuzzy on the inside! It's true!
And yes, this is the same Rise & Shine breakfast bucket we did for Hudson's Mother's Day Out {Teacher Appreciation Week last year}.  To this day...and that's 4 years coordinating TAW for the littles' schools...this is still one of the most talked about gifts we have ever given teachers!!  Just goes to show you that it doesn't have to be expensive or fancy to make a difference. 

Oh and can I say I was not in charge of either TAW this year and Shhh...don't tell anyone, but it was SO NICE to have a little break and just concentrate on a few teachers!

All the kinders brought a card/picture to give to their homeroom teacher...this was Grace's.  Notice the strategic word placement...I sure hope Ms. V doesn't think Grace drew HER as the leprechaun!! hahahahaha
The PTA at the little pumpkin's school did a phenomenal job coordinating Teacher Appreciation Week with catered lunches for the faculty each day, fun prizes and games, and even a gift card to each teacher at the end of the week, but us Kindergarten Room Moms wanted to do a little extra to let our teachers know how much we love and appreciate them, so we gave them small themed baskets every day last week. 

Tuesday...Voted Most POPular!
Another mom in Grace's class took care of Tuesday, but we did a similar version to this one, with a movie gift card tucked in for a little extra treat...
Wednesday...Thanks a Latte for all You Do!
Wednesday was all about coffee!  Grace's BFF Savannah's mom...Alicia, who just happens to be super crafty, put together this sweet basket for Ms. V, and even tucked in a little Starbucks gift card.  Ms. V LOVED it!  Tuesday was also Ms. V's birthday...more on that in tomorrow's post!
Thursday...I couldn't have PICKED a better teacher!
I put together this little basket for Ms. V and I thought it turned out so cute!  The ceramic berry basket and the little birdie are both from Michael's.  The free printable tag is from {here}.
Bath & Body Works has the perfect "fresh picked" line of scents so that made it super easy!  The hand cream even says "hard working" - p.e.r.f.e.c.t!!
Since Hudson's preschool is only Mon-Thurs, Thursday was also the culmination of TAW for his preschool, so I made these baskets for his sweet preschool teachers...
The melamine baskets are from World Market. Here's Hudson giving Ms. Kelli her basket...
Mrs. Sandy's turn!
Hudson was feeling a little shy...
Friday...Box of Sunshine
Alicia put together this bright & cheery basket for Ms. V...she was so excited - sure made our day to see her so happy!
Basically we were going with anything and everything yellow and happy!
The sweet sentiment...
All the teachers LOVED their gifts and I think they truly felt appreciated all week long {and hopefully all year long too!}. That's what it's all about! 

So whether your littles' schools do something big or small, just remember to thank those sweet teachers for all they do.  A little handwritten note and a small token of appreciation go a long way toward making someone's day.

Happy Monday!


Queen of Good Intentions said...

So glad you are doing ok. I was getting worried with the lack of posts. Really I was! To find this post was amazing! Love, love, love how God uses blog world friends!! I am going to email you with some questions. I just so happen to be meeting with a group of moms in the morning to organize teacher appreciation. Yep! so true! I will be using ALL your ideas!!!! Thanks so so much for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelli said...

Such wonderful ideas! Our teacher appreciation week is coming up in May and I am the room mom for both of my kiddos. I love the yellow basket. I am going to see what the teachers favorite colors are and everything bring in something with that color...wonderful idea Jessica!!
Love my visits to your blog and always am happy when I see a new post. :) They inspire me to post something new and fun on my blog.
I have a quick question...where did you find the straw with the bird on it?

Jay Jay M said...

So awesome! i love the sunshine basket! Our TAW is not unitl May. I am room mom for my youngest daughters kindy class and i am so doing that! You rock!

Caroline said...

Did I miss teach appreciation week? Does your school have a different date because it thought it was always in May?
Thanks for these cute ideas, I need to start thinking about it!!!!

Jessica said...

Thanks ladies!!

Kelli~ the straw is from the Mara Mi collection at Target (in the party aisle). Came along with a couple of other designs in a box of 10.

Caroline~ ours is usually in March each year. Not sure when the official date is, but we also do a little something at the end of the school year in May.

Sara said...

Jessica-- can you provide a price comparison on the ceramic and also melamine berry baskets? I'm very interested for our upcoming TAW. I second the reader who was worried!! So glad to know you were just busy. I so enjoy your blog.

Jessica said...

Aww...thanks, Sara!

The ceramic berry basket from Michaels was $8.99 regular price but it was on sale 50% off when I bought it (week of March 18th) so it was $4.50. They also had coral and purple ones.

The melamine baskets from World Market were $4.99/each.

Michelle Andrade said...

If you dont mind me asking.. what do you use to make all of the tags? "Picked a better teacher" and "Sunshine.." etc

Thank you :)

Jessica said...

Hi, Michelle,

For the "picked" tags, I printed on Avery full sheet label paper and cropped to desired size, then peeled the backing and stuck on scrapbook paper. My printer is an HP Photosmart printer.

I didn't make the "sunshine" co-room mom did, but they were printed on regular cardstock and glued to scrapbook paper.

Hope that helps!

Michelle Andrade said...

Do you do them in photoshop or publisher?

Jessica said...

The "picked" tag was just a free printable PDF (link in the post)! :)

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