Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Vintage Wonderland {North Pole Breakfast 2012}

Before I share this year's North Pole Breakfast with you, I would just like to say thank you to everyone that has emailed me or left me a sweet comment about our past two years' NPBs. We love this little tradition and it makes my heart happy to know so many have been inspired to start their own NPBs with their families. Celebrating together is what it's all about! 

So here it is...our own Vintage Wonderland!
I always try to use what I have on hand and this year was no exception. I like to pull things and make them work in unexpected ways, like say the placemats, which are actually vintage pillowcases...
...or my trusted vintage pink pom pom bedspread which has been used in more parties than should be allowed...or the gnome fabric from a sewing project which hasn't seen the light of day yet...
We always start out by making the littles wait for the big reveal...
No peeking!
{yeah, right}
The look on their faces is always priceless!
Childhood innocence...there's nothing more magical than that!
Grace's letter from Super Belly...
Hudson getting a little help from Daddy to read his letter from Cookie Rooftop...
We all know the North Pole is not exactly known for its healthy fare...I mean, have you seen Santa lately???!  In the North Pole, the sweeter-sprinklier-frostier-sugarier, the better!  It's true!
I seem to recall something about a shortage of snow-covered donuts at the North Pole this year??? Hmmm...seems the elves have been hoarding those little bites of heaven, soooooooooo they brought Santa's second favorite snack, icicle-sprinkled gingerbread boys...yUm!
Oh, and who can forget Mrs. Claus' favorite...Very Merry Cupcakes with a dollop of Snow on top...
I have a feeling Hudson and Mrs. Claus would get along very well!
Those sweet reindeer...the elves captured little kisses from Rudolph...
...and from his eight reindeer friends and brought them sealed tight in a magical jar.
Legend has it, whoever opens the jar gets to open the first present on Christmas Day...
Things can get competitive in the North Pole, you know?!?!!
Ho Ho Ho...Santa likes to be fair though, because whoever gets the chocolate kiss, gets to look in their stockings first on Christmas Day...
Who will it be??!
Told you it was a sugar fest at the North Pole!!!
But it wouldn't be the North Pole without some sweet and whimsical decorations...
...and some Nutcracker soldiers lining the way!
I bet Mrs. Claus spends a lot of time making felt ornaments to decorate the Royal Tree...
....and HEY, there's Petunia the Pig carrying her very own little tree!!
Those sneaky little elves always bring a signature ornament that is just right to represent the year...
Mama, you know what??!  Super Belly and Cookie Rooftop DID come by Disney while we were there because look, they used the same wrapping paper that the mail lady used to deliver our Mickey Mail AND they found our Wishing Stars from Cinderella's Breakfast!!!!!  
Sometimes those sweet elves even leave a little extra gift to get in the Christmas spirit...this year it was The Polar Express for Hudson and Barbie's A Christmas Carol for the little pumpkin...
Time to drink some Candy Cane Milkshakes {peppermint flavored milk} to wash down some of those sugary treats...
...and how about some super silly littles on a sugar high??!   My, oh my!
One last thing...do you see what Super Belly was holding when we found him this morning???  Yup!  Elves loooooooooooove a good snow fight, especially Peppermint Snow Ball Fights!!

Those little elves have such a sense of humor...look what they left for us to make because apparently they ran out of time preparing breakfast...
Oh my sweet littles...I sure hope you had as much fun with the North Pole Breakfast as I did!!
It's not about spending a lot of money or making something super fancy, it's just about making the everyday special to capture the moments before the littles are not so little anymore...
Thanks for stopping by!

Share your own North Pole Breakfast here!


Angel said...

Gorgeous as usual! You captured some really cute photos too. Love all the extra special details.

Amy @ 11Magnolialane said...

Love this, such a special event! I am dying to know where you got their PJ's? Would you share?

Jennifer Plus Love said...

beautiful like always! You did an amazing job. I love the ornaments. super cute. i need to head over to downtown Disney and look at their Christmas stuff soon.

My husbands favorite Christmas movie is The Polar Express, i bought it for him this year. =)

Kimberley said...

so so cute! love it!! we'll be having ours this weekend ;)

i love all your decor and the fact you didn't run out to buy anything. i'm curious where you keep all your seasonal decor? organizing mine is not my strong suit :)

Sara said...

I adore this breakfast and hosting my own for the first time on Saturday. I agree it's all about the memories you create.

Kelli said...

Love everything about this! I think our buddy may bring something fun for my kiddos to make this weekend ;)

Love that she noticed the same wrapping paper.

Elisabeth Ferre said...

omg I LOVE this! I love how both of your kids have their own elf...my almost-3-year-old got "HoHo" the Elf this year, & it makes me excited to think that my 6 month old can name his own elf some day! :-)

todell said...

So very sweet! What lucky littles you have!

RealDanaGentry said...

I am just so so obsessed with this!! it looks so wonderful! You did an amazing job and I know how much work it takes to pull these things together! Awesome job girl!! :)

Carrie77 said...

I am amazed at all of the fine details and all of the time and effort you put into this special breakfast for your kids year and year. I am sure they will always hold these memories close to their heart, and perhaps someday they will keep the tradition with their little ones in time to come.

Kelly said...

This is such a beautiful breakfast. It's so true about how quickly they grow up and to enjoy all the magical moments now. I linked up our "Elf breakfast" from last year. Our elf, Nicholas should be along soon from the North Pole!
Kelly at Little Wonders' Days

Ann @ The Scrapbooking Housewife said...

Wow, it looks amazing! How did you make the paper snowflake flowers at the back? Love them!! :)

sunshine4 said...

Everything looks beautiful andade so special for your littles as always! Fun to view!

Your notes are extra nice and keepsakes.

Thanks again!

Angel said...

What a precious North Pole Breakfast! Love the colors :-) This is our 2nd year of Elf on The Shelf but our 1st year to do a North Pole Breakfast. Our Lil Gabby just loved it and had so much fun. Thanks for being so talented and creative. Most of all thanks for sharing it with the rest of us so we too can create special moments for our kiddos. Thanks :-)

Jessica said...

You are such an inspiration for me! I came across your NPB from a few years ago in October of this year and started planning our very own NPB!

It was a huge success with our 2.5 year old!

I loved reading your post from this year. Isn't fun to see how much the kids (especially Hudson) have grown up over this past year?

Love all of the work and detail you put into your breakfast!

I linked up!


Catherine Holt said...

This is such an awesome idea. My little girl is almost two but I know she would love this. I also love to have traditions...they are what create the memories. As a Christmas freak, I am definitely going to have to start this as a Christmas tradition :-)

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