Friday, December 31, 2010

goodbye 2010, hello 2011!

I never got around to sharing how I kept a bit of my fave vintage and nostalgic Christmas decorations around this a safe new spot. Truth is I knew they wouldn't make it past this season if I set up my little tablescape like in years past.

So I looked for the safest spot I could find and came up with this:
Yup, I cleaned out the top of my kitchen cabinets and added some of my favorite decorations up there. These old bottle-brush trees and sweet Christmas themed nesting dolls were my fave: Our kitchen makes an "L" and opens to our Great Room, so I loved the chance to enjoy these every day during the season. Instead of the usual decor I have up there, I think I'll change it up a bit with the seasons and keep some fun items within sight, albeit at a safe distance from curious little fingers. And so on the last day of the year, we packed it up and headed out to spend it with our friends', the Blakeley's, for a kid-friendly New Year's Eve get together. Grace had a blast running around with her cousins... Sharing giggles and making silly faces with cousin Carson... Stuffing her mouth full of marshmallows that were supposed to be for smores ;) And playing with sweet baby Payton. Hudson had a blast trying to keep up with the bigger kids. Climbing on every imaginable surface, lollipop in hand, of course. And watching fireworks from the safety of Dad's arms. Although come to think of it, the fireworks were probably not his favorite thing ;) Somehow cousin Amanda managed to get 9 kids peeled away from a super fun Mario Wii tournament with her card tricks! Love that! We made it home with plenty of time to put two tuckered littles to bed and welcome a new year from the comfort of our cozy home. We may or may not have fallen asleep on the couch waiting for the big 12:00 *wink*

And with that we kissed the year goodbye...
Mwah 2010! Hello 2011!
Here's to a new year full of possibilities!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bake Day {2010}

It's taken me the better part of one week to go through the gazillion
Bake Day pictures we took. This year, I even figured out how to rig the self-timer on my camera so that we could all be in some of the pictures together - yay!Bake Day is one of my most favorite Christmas traditions. I love to look back on our pictures and see the changes from year to year. Here's 2008 and 2009.

First up, sorting through the baking chips. I couldn't find a bag with just peanut butter chips, so I got a mixed bag and Grace loved sorting them out for me. Quite possibly the little pumpkin's favorite part of Bake Day. Let the mess begin! Yes, I think we have enough flour ;)Grace & Noonie having fun... Mama's turn! She kept wanting to play this little balance/ tug of war game??? May I add the floor was reaaaaaally slippery by this point. Time to roll out that dough! Look who wanted in on the action! Oh my, he looked so cute in the apron my friend Michelle got him!!! Thank you Michelle! I love, love, love it! On my crazy, busy, pull-your-hair-out kind of days, I want to remember them like this: tiny, sweet, full of wonder... Noonie & the littles
{Hudson kept trying to steal m&m's out of the jar...he, he, he} Concentrating on getting it just right...hmmmm, wonder who she gets that from??? Cookie cutter time! Noonie kept trying to help Grace place the cookie cutters...Grace's response, "Noonie, I've baked cookies before." Can I say Miss Independent?! Yes, these days she wants to do everything herself... It's just like playdough, Noonie, see... There's that self-timer and made up tri-pod...not too shabby! Ready to bake! Our attempt to get Hudson in the picture...he was too tired, Grace was too busy "talking" on the phone! Silly picture or not, that's us in 2010!
Noonie-59, Mama-32, Grace-3 years 9 months, Hudson-18 months.

Time to decorate those cookies! ...and eat a few of them too! Of course she wanted to try it by herself...that's my girl! I love this little picture of Grace in all her 3 1/2 year old splendor! Love her! Silly pumpkin! Hudson's turn! Yes, he decorated the flip side of the cookie ;) Our cookie masterpieces! And the best part...Yummy!So there you have it...
Bake Day {2010}! See you next year!

choosing an apron...goldilocks style

One of Grace's favorite things to do is pick out an apron from our stash. It means some sort of baking adventure or crafting adventure is on the way.

Last week, as we were about to start our Bake Day 2010, I told her to go choose an apron and see if it would work.

First up, TOO BIG! Hmmm...maybe next year.
Next, too little (at least for the mess we were about to make!) She reaaaaaally wanted to wear the Strawberry Shortcake apron, her favorite!Not too happy when I told her she couldn't wear that one for Bake Day. But it's such a sweet apron to me...handmade by my friend Angel as a gift for Grace's 3rd Birthday...I want to keep that one nice & clean and pass it on to my own little granddaughter one day ;)

Finally...Just right! Super excited about the little pocket to stuff all her baking stuff. And with that we were all set to bake cookies with Noonie. She wasn't excited or anything ;) Bring on Bake Day!