Thursday, March 31, 2011

Free Easter Printables!!! {Party Box Design}

How about some freebies??? Better yet, how about some ADORABLE Easter freebies? The talented and gracious Jess of Party Box Design has designed an adorable Easter "Chickies" Collection of printables including an invitation, cupcake toppers, party tags, and a super cute party favor box...all for FREE!

Check them out HERE!

And....Guess Whaaaat???? Stay tuned for a super fun GIVEAWAY from Party Box Design exclusively for you, my dear blog readers!! Fun, Fun! to hand deliver some Easter lovelies to some sweet friends. It's going to be a very fun day! :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

if only I could bottle it up...

There's nothing like the sound of littles laughing and running around.

Sure, there's lots of screamin' and cryin' and he-took-my-favorite-(insert object d'jour here) and pull-your-hair-out mama moments, after all they're just 4 and not quite 2.

But...the belly laughs. They make it all worth it. You know the ones. The ones that make your whole body jiggle. The sneaky, steal-your-sister's-banana laughs. If only we could stop time. Just for a little while. After all, this was just last year. And look how much he's changed in just 12 months. *sob* I miss those baby rolls and all that droolin' too.

There may just be something to give those belly laughs a run for their money...the sweet nothings. The spontaneous leg hugs...the scribbly love notes...the stick people drawings...the Mama! with arms open wide...

The "I need to tell you a secret, mama."
- Okay, whisper it to me -
"Happy Best Friends Day, Mama (blows me a kiss)"

Oh, how I love you two! Blessings come in all shapes and sizes.
You two are my biggest ones.

Monday, March 28, 2011

how did I ever get so lucky......{+ bunny shirt winner!}

Everytime I think about these two sweet littles that call me mama, I thank my lucky stars that out of all the mamas in the world God chose me to be theirs. With the azaleas in full bloom, we decided to take the littles to the grounds of our local art gallery for an impromptu mini egg hunt {read: so we could take some cute pictures of them!} They were soooo excited!Hudson really got into it this year. I can't wait to see what he thinks of the real egg hunts in a couple of weeks. Explaining to her brother why she should be the rightful owner of the Pink Princess Egg. After a few negotiations, the princess egg was hers :) There was lots of this... {Told you those aqua blue sixlets I forgot at the birthday party would come in handy!} Such sweet silliness! These little hands have my heart wrapped tight. He was so cute picking out the candy ever so carefully out of each one. The little pumpkin's golden egg! And now for your very own "golden egg".............

I removed the 3 comments that had already been deleted by the authors and that left a total of 59 comments. One little click to random number and the lucky winner is................ Comment #36 Sarah, who said: What's making me smile today? Disney Princesses on Ice this weekend...Grace is gonna flip :) I would love to win a size...

CONGRATULATIONS Sarah! I'm happy to make a sweet bunny shirt for your Grace! Email me your address and it'll be on its way to you soon.

Thanks to everyone who entered the bunny shirt giveaway. I loved reading your comments - talk about smiling from ear to ear! And here's a little something that's making me smile BIG today: Yes, that's a bunny, a cow, and a lamb...on an Easter Egg Hunt. *wink* Happy Monday!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

hop hopping along...{giveaway}

so......march 6th was my 3rd blogaversary but I was knee deep in birthday party prep work (here and here) so I didn't think much of it. but now that I've had time to recup, let's spread some joy by giving away one of these sweet bunny shirts just in time for all the fun Spring & Easter festivities!3 years and some odd days. 701 posts.sweet family memories preserved. littles growing way too fast right before my friendships. old ones treasured more than ever before.lots of ideas shared. even more gained.totally worth it if you ask me! okay,'s the nitty gritty: I will make a custom bunny shirt for the winner like the ones pictured above in either girl sizes 18 mo. to 7/8 or boy sizes 18 mo. to 5T and I will do MY BEST to accomodate short or long sleeve, depending on size requested.

to enter: leave a comment telling me something that makes you smile from ear to ear and include your choice of boy or girl shirt, long or short sleeve, size, and name embroidery request.
(only one comment per person please)

winner will be picked randomly
contest closes quickly...Sunday, March 27th at 11:59 pm... 3 days in honor of 3 years ;)

one last thing...aren't little boys in board shorts just about the cutest thing ever????!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday in the South

Remember THESE sweet fabrics???Noonie made them into something BEAUTIFUL for the little pumpkin!!! Isn't this dress so sweet?I love how she turned one of my vintage tea towels into a dainty little apron.The owners of the fabric boutique where I bought the fabrics asked Grace to be in a style show today modeling the sweet dress my mom made her. So sad that Noonie couldn't be here to see the little pumpkin but she's away having a fabulous anniversary weekend with Papa J - Happy 12th Anniversary Mom & AJ!!!I have to tell you, I am sooooo NOT the pageant mom. I can talk to audiences of 300, 400, 500 about child abuse - my professional field - and never break a sweat but give me a fashion show for wee ones and I get sooo nervous. I wasn't sure if Grace would make it on the stage or shy away, but she did GREAT! Feeling a bit shy... Tiniest little smile...Working it like a pro... And finally super goofy with the bunny!She even helped draw for door prizes! Mrs. Shirley & Mrs. Kim were so sweet to give each girl a little treat for being such great little models. Grace loved her Princess dry erase board. Thank you Mrs. Shirley & Mrs. Kim! There were so many cute outfits but this one was my favorite - love the fabrics!!My mother-in-law, Grace's Mimi, my dear friend Segi, and her sweet mom Mrs. Wanda came to see Grace model in Sunday in the South, A Spring Style Show. Thank you Segi & Mrs. Wanda for the sweet git - what a fun surprise!I loved seeing all those little girls in sweet outfits made by their loved ones and I'm SO PROUD of you Grace for trying something new!! You did GREAT!!!THANK YOU NOONIE for making Grace's dress!! I LOVE it and will treasure it forever. Can't wait to see my own granddaughter wearing it one day. And YES, we got it all on video just for you! :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

celebrating 33...

I like the sound of 33. I think I'm going to sit down and write 33 things I hope to accomplish in the next twelve months. But for now, how about 3 sweet etsy finds and some goofy pics of my little family celebrating my birthday which is not until tomorrow but we celebrated a bit early.

Lovin' all these etsy finds...

First up, these sweet vintage birthday invitations - 5 of them...with just one tiny tweak they will be perfect for the little pumpkin to give to her girlfriends for a little Easter playdate, like this one HERE.
I'm thinking brunch, cookie decorating, and a good 'ole fashion egg race. Sound good?

I love Junior Elf Books. Usually I won't buy them if they have price stickers on the cover but this one was too sweet to pass up!
Love the sweet pages...Oh my, check these out!I should have bought them right away but I hesitated and now they are gone - boo hoo :( If you happen to come across some of these while browsing etsy/ebay, will you let me know? Pretty please?!

Trying to get the whole family in one good shot is nearly impossible these days.
But this is us.
34, 33 (almost!), 4, and 20 months.
And I'm so thankful! Oh, and March 20th marks the official beginning of spring, so............
Happy 1st Day of Spring!