Saturday, September 27, 2014

ballet + soccer

We are in the thick of Fall activities around here! but F U N!

The little pumpkin had her first audition a couple of weeks ago. Nerves all around!! But she did great and was cast as a Christmas Present in Grinched! She went to her first Grinched practice a week ago and said she LOVES her choreography - yay!!
And this little fella started soccer!
Pre-game pep talk from Coach Sara...
This little budding sports photographer likes to take pictures during the game...
...and I'm so glad she captured this one!!
Great first game, Hudson!!
Grace told me I was "really loud"...umm, can't help myself, I just get so excited cheering on all of our little players!!
My sweet friend Linda told me "if you wash the uniform, you can be as loud as you please"...ha ha - LOVE that!!

Post-game lunch with my favorite little soccer player...Hudson's choice...Chick-fil-a, of course!
Hope you're having a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

goodbye china, hello fabric love!

I love a pretty place setting like nobody's business, but our rarely used fine china was taking up prime real estate in our dining room-craft room-play room combo space, so it had to go. Love an open floor plan, but sometimes these large, undefined rooms can be a pain to decorate!

Empty and full of possibilities...
{I wasn't feeling the paint on this one so I just went with repurposing for now.}
Goodbye china...Hello fabric cabinet!
Finally a place to store and display my favorite vintage sheets...
And some of my favorite Lulu & Co. party hats...
There's a little friendly lamb pincushion that greets you when you walk by - fun! A fun giveaway I won a couple of months ago from sweet Kerri...thank you!
I stacked some of my favorite prints up high and the colors are so pretty!
A good reminder to use what I from my stash. But fabric is sooo tempting and hard to resist!!
But it's always little bits and bobs that make me smile when I walk by...
Vintage trim will always have a soft spot in my heart.
Some sweet vintage cards, handmade treasures from friends and embroidery patterns round out the top corner...
So there you have it! A fun little cabinet ready for projects whenever I can sneak in 30 minutes here and there. 

Not fancy, not a room with a door {one can dream! house, for sure}, but it makes me happy every time I walk by so that's a win in my book.

Happy crafting, friends!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

because you blink and they're grown

Take too many pics? Who me?................Guilty as charged.
But I'm okay with that. There are worse things, after all.

I shared a couple of sneak peeks from our beach session with Alissa Aryn Photography {here} but she really saved some of the best moments to share with me when we saw our full gallery. I love how she captured Grace and Hudson...our family too.
And when I look at these pictures I realize my littles aren't so little anymore. *tear*
These smiles...priceless!
These sweet moments...the stuff that a mama's heart treasures.
This is my sweet Grace at 7 1/2...always dancing!
And this little guy...equal parts sweetness and mischief. Yep, that's my Hudson at age 5.
Most days I feel like this is a perfect representation of our family...
But there's love. And one way or another love always wins.

So thankful for these two blessings...
I sure miss the beach and the gorgeous sunsets over the ocean.
This little pumpkin...she has a song in her heart that I hope stays with her forever. The world can sure use the type of love she freely gives.
God has some mighty big plans for this little guy, I just know it. I've never met anyone as strong-willed yet so, so, so loving as my sweet Hudson.
So glad they have each other!
Our family . July {2014} . Florida
Sweetest of memories for us. Thank you for the gift of these moments captured in time, Alissa!

Monday, September 15, 2014

HELP!! Please vote!

This morning, I have a favor to ask of you. Will you please take a second and vote for my dear friend Amber's "Little Lamb" dress over on The Cottage Mama's sewing contest??!
She is one of 15 finalists out of a pool of over 200 entries. 25% of the final score comes from the "popular vote". And that's where you come in!! You don't have to join anything, like anything, share anything to vote. Just click on #10 Little Lamb and submit. And you're done! 

I know I'm biased, but her dress is my very favorite because I know how much work goes into hand embroidery and she hand embroidered that adorable apron!! Oh, and her little girl's name is Grace. *wink* 

So, please click {here} and vote. And help spread the word if you can! 


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

making do.

This Summer I decided to tackle our {dining room}, to work with what we have, but to make it cleaner, simpler, more functional.
It is still a work in progress, but slowly, s l o w l y, it's taking shape.
Little bits and pieces are beginning to emerge and so far it's lovely. Lovely in a well-loved, new-to-us, makes-me-happy kind of way.
Can't wait to see it all finished, but for now, what I see makes me smile.
What about you? Any fun projects lately??