Saturday, June 28, 2014

Come CRASH the party...Hudson is turning FIVE! {Angry Birds Birthday Party}

Back in the Spring during a Target shopping trip, Hudson spotted a green king pig piñata and he immediately knew what he wanted the theme to be for his 5th birthday...ANGRY BIRDS!
But not just any old Angry Birds, he wanted the king pig to be front and center, so a custom outfit-pinata-cups-cookies-cake-tattoo later we had enough of the green goofy guy to satisfy the birthday boy!
Here he is waiting ever so patiently for his birthday present from Mama and Daddy...
Close your eyes, here it comes!!
Could it be??????
It's the Ewok Village he's wanted for the past two years!!!! He was sooooo happy!
Ready to go to the party!
We held the party at a local indoor kid's gym which has a super fun party room set up with an attached arcade {with free games - yay!} for just the party guests to use - so nice when you have little bitty guests!  Such a neat place and so reasonably priced - love places like that!
The Happy Birthday poster might have been a bit much, but they had it there so we had to roll with it!
Angry Birds E X P L O S I O N!!
Family pic!
{you can tell he was thrilled - ha!}
With Noonie and Papa J!
Climbing monkeys!
I spy Pacman back there - ha!!
A little someone was getting into the game!
All that jumping around made for some hungry tummies!
Sweet friends!
School buddies catching up!
Madeline and Ella sweet as they are beautiful!
With cutie patootie Shabella!
Cake time! My friend Alicia made the super fun cake and it was so yummy!!
Can't forget the cookies and ice cream too! Mrs. Amanda always comes through in a big way with her fabulous cookies!
Happy birthday to you....
Make a wish!
These little ice cream cups were my favorite party detail! I've been hoarding these cups I found at Michael's years ago and finally put them to good use. Those little wooden sticks just bring back so many sweet memories from my childhood! Oh, and I went with red for chocolate ice cream and green for vanilla - yum!
Funny red birds!!
Piñata time!
Give it a whack, Preston!
Hit it hard, Julien!
Go Will!!
Grace's turn!
This strong ball player gave it a WHACK and the rest was history!
Way to go, Carson!!
P A N D E M O N I U M!!
Hudson and Lilly are just so buddies!!
Thank you, Noonie!!
What a fun day! Thank you for celebrating with us dear friends!!
A little parting gift for all our friends...
I think it's safe to say the birthday boy had a very fun day!!
Happy 5th Birthday, Hudson!!!
Hudson's cute outfit: {babe-a-gogo} 
Fun party invitation: {Little Ms Shutterbug}

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

berry pickin' {2014}

Bright & early Monday morning we made our annual excursion to the blueberry farm...this is always such a happy place for me!
This year we went super early and it made SUCH a big difference! The heat and humidity in the South during Summer can be brutal, so getting to pick berries while it's still in the 70s/low 80s was AMAZING!
I love that my mom always says "YES!" to all my adventures! Thank you for always being spontaneous and going with me, Noonie!
We hit up the blackberries first and Grace was in L O V E!
Tart and Yummy!
Happy girl!
On to blueberries - my favorite!
Pick Pick Pick!
Noonie and Grace were super fast pickers! Pros!
Hudson was a serious picker. Every time he moved to a new bush, he would ask me to taste a blueberry so he would know if it was a good bush to pick from - ha! many do I have? Can I stop picking now?
Happy with all her berries!
Admiring our bounty!
One final blackberry before calling it a day..."I like the REALLY tart ones the best, mama!"
Happy little guy!
We picked a bunch of yummy berries...
...but we left a bunch that were not quite ripe yet! Hmmm...maybe we'll have to make another trip!
What a fun morning!!
We wrapped it up by eating parfaits with blackberries and granola right in the farm's gift shop - yummmmmm!! We also brought home these delicious blueberry muffins...AND the recipe - yay!!
Can't wait to do it again!
More berry pickin' {here}, {here}, and {here}. We missed 2012 - boo!