Saturday, July 31, 2010

the only thing to do when it's 101 and rising...

...the pool of course!!!

I'm still on a high from the fun day we had today...and no, it's not from the sunburn I'm now sporting :)

We spent the morning with some wonderful friends at their pool. Thanks for having us over Aleesa & Craig! I didn't get too many pictures because I was too busy having fun with the kiddos - yes, swimsuit and all. HA HA I'm far from swimsuit shape these days but when in Rome...

I did manage to get these few while we were enjoying some delicious chicken salad and fresh fruit for lunch. Aren't these girls too cute??And this little chub is 100% water baby. He LOVED the water! His toes were so pruny when we got out. And one with my favorite little guy - yes, crazy pool hair on me and all! Lindsey~ I'm trying to embrace being in front of the camera more! LOL. Yes, no matter how we look! And then this afternoon one of my bestest friends in the whole world came in for a surprise visit and we got to spend the afternoon together at another dear friend's house catching up on old times and letting our kiddos play together. Aren't old friends the best? I love that we can pick up right where we left off even when we haven't seen each other in forever and it's like we've been there all along. Of course, there was plenty of chit chat and girltalk and chips & salsa to cancel out my Wendy's apple pecan chicken salad dinner... :) And too funny not to share...the one topic we kept going back to: Why on earth did we waste our early/mid 20s thinking and complaining that we were "fat" when we absolutely were not. In fact, we were pretty darn skinny...and tanned...and fit...and fashionable :) Ladies, enjoy your 20s because 30s is WONDERFUL...but after kids, especially close together, that body just isn't quite the same. HE HE HE

I'm so happy that you are now in Houston instead of NYC, Jammie!

Thanks for the wonderful memories Jammie & Bridgette!!! Love you both!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

weinie dogs {sewing}

When I found this fun fabric at Hancock's on a recent shopping trip, I knew it was destined to become something fun for the little pumpkin. As soon as she saw it she couldn't stop giggling and kept saying "pink doggies are SOOOOOOOO funny...he, he, he". Silly girlie.

So last night after the littles were in bed, I headed to Noonie's for a little sewing supervision :)...yes, I sewed this one myself so don't look too closely, okay? I sewed everything except the ric rac trim. Ric rac and I are...hmmm, how should I put this...we're still in the dating stage. You know where you can't get enough of each other but you're still trying to figure each other out and you're not quite sure if you should hold hands...anyhow you get the picture - I can't sew a straight line in between those ric rac waves to save my life!

Like I said, silliness was THE word of the day. But aren't those shoes cute?????
And I need your help! I'm not quite finished with the dress. You see at midnight, Noonie KICKED.ME.OUT. Just kidding...
love you Noonie! But it WAS late so I headed home - thank goodness she's only 5 minutes away!

I still need to add a large yo-yo with a fun brown button in the middle of it to the bodice of the dress. So.....where should I add it???? Perfect or not, the little pumpkin told me she "loved her bea-u-ti-ful dress" this morning so I'm happy with this fun little play dress. Next up...a fun little back to school jon jon for Hudson in this fabric: A new project for us, so we'll see how it turns out!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Fall may be right around the corner and boy, am I ready for some cooler weather, but...

I'm still relishing all things summer and easy and breezy and carefree!

I found this gorgeous vintage pillowcase with the sweetest trim that I can't wait to turn into a pillowcase dress for the little pumpkin next year! Isn't it sweet? Makes me dream of barefoot picnics and lemonade in big mason jars...ahh Photo Source

I'm dreamin' of all things pink + yellow, sweet + sour... Photo Source

And while I'm at it, I really need to learn how to make sweet little bucket hats, like this one I adore on the little pumpkin...We can't get enough of the blueberries we picked at the farm - they are delish! Lemon Blueberry Pie ice cream - Mmmmmm...I think THIS recipe is calling my name!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

summer weekends

Thank you to those that have sent sweet messages! I will post your information in the giveaway as soon as I receive the details.

Even though my mind is full swing into back-to-school planning, fall projects, and a few other what nots, I can't help but cherish these last few weeks of summer!

It's HOT, HOT, HOT here so we've had to add some "inside fun" to our days. This past weekend the little pumpkin and I were able to spend some girly time at a bounce house birthday party for one of her little girlfriends from school while Hudson & Lance got to hang out. I love the conversations that happen during one-on-one time!
Grace: Mama, do you love this snap bracelet? I do!
Me: It's pretty cool!
Grace: Yes, it is. It's the best. You need one for your next birthday. I'm going to get you a pink fuzzy snap bracelet for your birthday.
Me: That's sweet of you.
Grace: Yes it is (guess we need to work on modesty, huh? :) It goes POP! when you snap it. Like Pop Rocks. Mama, you want Pop Rocks for your next birthday too?...
Oh, how I love this little girl! I can't pass by a LeMoNAde StaND and not stop, so when we spotted one on the way home we quickly made a U-turn. The kids were SO excited! It was their very first lemonade stand and they were so happy to have customers! This is what summer is all about, don't you think? And when we got home, this little fella was ready to play! He is 100% boy! I had no idea the differences were so evident even this early on. He doesn't like to sit down even for a minute - he's always ready to move on to something else. He likes to play rough. And bang on stuff. And climb. And play ball. He likes to take these little puzzle pieces... ...and RUN! And if someone is chasing after him......even BETTER! He DOES NOT like to be confined in any way. Hates the pack-n-play. Hates diaper changes. Has broken more stuff around the house in his 13 months than the little pumpkin has in her 3 years. Has the sweetest "I just did something I wasn't supposed to" face. Gives the best late night cuddles. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this boy and I'm so glad to be able to experience raising both a girl and a boy.

Thanks to Mimi & Pop we were able to squeeze in a little grown-up time Saturday night. One of the ladies I work with was hosting a surprise 80th - yes, 80th! - birthday party for her husband. He had no clue and it was so sweet to see his reaction when he walked into the room! I hope we have this couple's energy and devotion for each other when we're their age! We had a great time listening to the band, savoring the fish fry dinner, visiting with coworkers, and enjoying the sunset boat ride around the lake. Happy 80th Birthday Mr. Paul! Hope you're squeezing every drop of fun out of these last few weeks of summer!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Red Riding Hood for Juvenile Diabetes {giveaway}

Amelia, a 4 year old little girl who is very, very special to us was recently diagnosed with Type I Juvenile Diabetes. You can read her mom's heart wrenching account of her first days post diagnosis HERE. As a mom, her journal entry tugs at my heart in a way for I which I have no words to describe. Grace, Amelia, & Emily at our Easter Tea Party, 04/2010.

We hate that Amelia has to walk this path but we're committed to helping any way we can. We know God is watching after her and with the wonderful parents and support system she has she will be okay.

In September, our family will join Amelia, her mom & dad Cori and Eric, her brother Abram and the rest of her team, in a walk to raise funds for juvenile diabetes research. And that's why I need your help. Let's help raise funds on Amelia's behalf!

And while we're at it, let's give away THE sweetest "little Red" doll handmade by TaDa! Creations. For every donation made in Amelia's behalf, even $1, your name will be entered into the drawing once. For every $5 donated your name will also be entered into the drawing. So, let's say you donate $20. Your name will be entered 5 times (once for donating and 4 times for the amount donated). Please leave a separate comment for each entry!

Click HERE to go to Amelia's page and then click DONATE NOW at the bottom right hand corner of the page.

Giveaway closes Sunday, August 1st at 12 noon CST. Winner will be drawn at random Sunday evening and posted Monday morning, August 2nd. Easy enough, right?

This little dollie is SOOOOOO cute! We have several TaDa! dollies and they are
A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Check out all the sweet details...

Little Red has the sweetest lace-trimmed bloomers and the cutest Mary Janes! She comes with her own little basket too! And if you can't stand the cuteness and NEED to bring a TaDa! dollie home right away, check out the shop HERE. Angel & Amy, the designers behind TaDa! Creations, have graciously offered to give you a 20% discount on dollies in their shop with the code
"littlepumpkingrace" through August 2nd! Discount will be given in the form of a PayPal refund.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! (Grace would say PINK lemonade :)

Won't you help us raise lots of $$$ for juvenile diabetes research on Amelia's behalf? Help us spread the word by posting on blogger/ facebook/ twitter.

Thank You & Good Luck!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


We were on our way to a birthday party this morning when I received the email from Kami of Sweet Charli telling me that Grace's Vintage Room won the Children's Room Contest!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm super excited and can't thank you enough for voting for her room! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! A special thank you to all the contest sponsors too! LOVE all the fabulous prizes we won!

A gorgeous blanket from Minky Couture

This fun camera strap from Sugar Pop Creations The little boy tie that had me at hello! from Trendy Tikes and this adorable hat/earwarmer from Cute Baby Boutique. Thank you again for voting!
You guys are the best!!!

And coming Monday...a fun giveaway you won't want to miss...all for a good cause!

Friday, July 23, 2010

little pumpkin etsy love

stumbled upon this fun little tee... sweet. simple. stylish.
love it!

by planet pudge.

find more of their fun & modern designs HERE!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I need your help! JoAnn Fabrics has some fun ice cream partyware out right now. In fact, the line is on clearance 50% off. I've raided our local store but I need one more set of these sweet aqua blue ice cream spoons, the ones with the hole punch in the handle. They're just $1.50 right now. If you live near a JoAnns, could you please check to see if they have any left? I just need one pack! In the aqua blue like the picture, not the Jade green. Oh, and they are in the seasonal section, not the dollar value section.
I would be forever grateful :)

AND...tomorrow is the last day to vote in the Children's Room Contest over at
Sweet Charli. If you haven't voted yet, will you take a second to check it out HERE and vote for Grace's Vintage Room, room #5?
Thank you so very much!!!

Hudson's first movie!

One of our local movie theatres offers free kids movies a couple of mornings per week during the summer. Not only is it great going to the movies for free but it's so nice to go when you don't have to worry about your little one being super quiet.

Noise, giggles, "did you see that?!?!?!", and even a cry or two are the norm during these kid-friendly showings. Mostly mamas accompanying the kiddos so there's a high level of tolerance too!

Today's showing was the Veggie Tales Jonah movie - perfect! So armed with snacks galore and a bottle for Hudson, off to the movies we trekked...Noonie, the littles and I. Hudson was MeSmeRIzEd by the movie screen and did really good for most of the 90 minute movie. He grew restless toward the end, but then again it was after his nap time. I tried to get a picture of the two littles together but they were not interested one bit! I love that this picture captures exactly who they are at this point in their lives~ Grace, almost 3 1/2 and Hudson, 13 months. What a pair!
Love, love, love 'em! We had fun and the little pumpkin learned about compassion & mercy - the themes of the movie. And although he won't remember it, I'm excited that Hudson had a fun first movie experience!

What's next? Disney?? ...he, he, he
It's in the works! :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

easy, breezy, beautiful...{tutorial}

...covergirl! Such a catchy slogan don't you think?

I've got some fun eye candy for you today! he, he, he

What do you get when you mix a $4 Target tee, some Heather Bailey fabric, and some bright colored notions... ...then add a 2-hour window of opportunity and a doting grandma?????

Why this, of course! A super comfy, breezy T-dress that most definitely passes the
all-important twirl test.

{Thanks for the tips, Amber!} And you're wondering about that girly wreath, huh? I think it turned out so cute!! I just put it together last night and tweaked it a bit from my original plan. Best part? It was a super easy $4.50 project!!!

It's part of the little pumpkin's back to school bash, the Pink PreK Party, coming next month. {Side note - When I went to take pictures this morning, I couldn't believe how perfectly it matched the dress Noonie made her! Maybe there really is some truth to your go-to color palette! Hmmm...If so, mine definitely contains some pink + aqua (red too!)}

Want to make one???
My inspiration was this fabulous butterfly wreath tutorial by the talented Taylor of Mary Janes & Galoshes. I tweaked it a bit to make my wreath.

Here's what I used:
- One styrofoam wreath from the dollar store ($1.00)
- One 16-sheet packet of pink tissue paper from Walmart ($1.50)
- Glitter chipboard letters - already had these on hand but I bought them at H.Lobby with a 40% coupon some time back ($2.00)
- Scraps of scrapbook paper
- Glue gun

I originally wanted to use paper bags like Taylor's tutorial called for, but in pink. When I went to get some at Michael's I noticed they were white on the inside and I didn't want a lot of white in my wreath so I ended up using pink tissue paper.

Note: neither my scallop punch nor my circle punch did well punching out tissue paper bundles so I just cut the tissue paper into long strips each about 2.5" wide, then cut again to make 2.5" squares and just rounded out the corners. Nothing fancy. Just some imperfect circles.

I then pinched them with my fingers to make the shape and hot glued them to the wreath. That's it. Super easy!

I made the butterflies from the template provided in Taylor's tutorial and added bits of the chipboard letters to make the butterflies' "bodies" pop.

Love how the wreath turned out and I can't wait to show you how I'm using it for the Pink PreK Party! Hmmm....I'm even thinking it might make a cute back-to-school gift for Grace's teacher! Have fun!