Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween {2013}

It somehow worked out that both littles picked out underwater themes this year...hooray for semi-matching!!
This little mermaid was all about the prissiness...
This little fella was soooo into his costume - love him!
Hanging out with Mimi & Pop...
We went trick-or-treating in Mimi & Pop's neighborhood...
...and in the rush of hurrying from dance to their house, I totally forgot the littles' halloween buckets! Thank goodness Mimi had some leftover Easter pails we could use - ha!
This cute little monster gobbled up LOTS of treats!!
Long, busy day = crazy hair {on me!!} Lance had washed off his face paint because it scared Hudson, but he still had goo in his hair!  What a pair we were!!  
Up next...a fun party post of the big First Grade activity at Grace's school...Mudsock Meadow!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

School Fall Carnival {Ghostbusters}

Apparently I never hit "Publish" so a couple of days late, but here goes...

The little pumpkin and I just got back from our first mother-daughter weekend trip and I'm still on Cloud Nine after spending time with my favorite girl {I'll be sharing pics of our weekend really soon!)...but first, I want to share these fun pics from Grace's school carnival.

They were dancing to "Ghostbusters" so Savannah and Grace decided to dress the part...
She looks like a little invisible ghost in this one...just roaming the halls at her school.
I'm looking for Grace, mama...but I can't find her...because she's invisible. he he he
I love, love, love Fall + carnivals + silly games + dress-ups...the list goes on and on and on...
Our class had the face painting and crazy hair booth. Thank goodness for sweet high school volunteers!
The littles went wild over all the carnival food!
I made chocolate chip cookies and tried to package them in cute little bags because everything "pretty" tastes better, right??? :)
Superman ate his weight in junk food!
The littles love anything bouncy!
Fun times with friends!
Time for Ghostbusters!
Cutest little kindergartener...Audrey...I mean Pocahontas!
If there's something strange in your neighborhood...
Who you gonna call?
Cutest little spooks!
Thank you for helping me come up with this ghost costume at the last minute, Noonie!
Our little family...
Thank you Grace's school...especially Mrs. Kristi & Mrs. Trisha, Carnival Chairs...for putting on such a fun carnival!!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

corn angels and other southern things...

As soon as that school bell rang yesterday afternoon, we loaded up the car and off we went on a little farm adventure playdate! Yes, folks, the food truck craze has invaded farms everywhere!
Who needs snow...
...when you can make CORN angels!
Grace + Savannah
{age 6}
Best friends!
Our little daredevil!
And she's off!
Savannah's turn!
So cute!
Taking a little break...
Off to explore the corn maze...
I can see where this would be seriously spooky at night!  Nevermind people chasing you in the dark with chainsaws - no, thank you!!
Anyone who knows Grace can understand the irony of this picture!! {this little pumpkin will do ANYTHING to avoid port-a-potties!}
Cutest little scarerows around! be 6 again!
What a fun afternoon! Such sweet memories!