Wednesday, February 29, 2012


One last week of being four *sniff, sniff*. FIVE seems like such a big number. All of a sudden she seems much older too. Her vocabulary, her mannerisms, the lack of that sweet baby fat, the hints of big girldom just around the corner...someone please share the treasure map to that time machine, will you?"5" is almost out of the toddler/little girl shopping section for crying out loud, but we're fiercely hanging on to those 5Ts a bit longer...after all I'm not much of a fan of the "big girl" styles in most shops. And yes, she's rockin' not one but TWO big bows...I love living in the South!

She has been selected to be the weather girl come Monday so she's been practicing her forecast...
Oh, my she's a hoot! Takes it so seriously with the hand motions. Love her!My "birthday projects" list keeps getting longer and the days shorter so we'll see how many make it to the chopping block, but here's one that I finally crossed off.And another one in the works....I overheard a conversation between my mom and Lance the other day as she helped me work on birthday sewing projects. He said something like, "When I was little, party favors were like...4 stickers, maybe a party blower if you were lucky." He he he...does he not know who he married???! HA! Just kidding! I love that man! But I enjoy the process. I love doing all the crazy planning stuff. If you don't, if it stresses you out, don't do it. Nothing wrong either way.

We have a super fun weekend planned. One of my best friends is getting married and I can't wait to see her walk down the aisle!!! She's going to be such a beautiful bride! This week's orders are going out the door a day early to make room for the festivities. Here's a sneak peek for you, N! I hope your little guy loves his fun hat! {all other orders are designs I've already shared here on the blog, so I'm skipping pics, but they're all shipping out tomorrow-yay!}
Back to my studio dining room table...long night ahead.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

almost spring...

I read something this morning that resonated with me in such a deep way...

God wants us to THRIVE! It's not always just about survival.

We're in the middle of making some very important decisions and this couldn't have come at a better time.
22 days until Spring...
Happy Sunday!


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hudsonisms and other random bits...

Celebrating George Washington's birthday...
But, why aren't you smiling??
Maaama! George Washington didn't open his mouth to smile because he had fake teeth made out of elephants' tusks and gold.
Girl Scout in the making...
How many can I sign you up for, Noonie??Future architect?
3D structures...part of Construction Zone unit at school this week...
Friday treats...
{we missed you, Noonie!!!}
Oh, sweet Hudson! I love the little things you say. I don't want to forget them, so here's a short list of some of the most recent...
"No, I no-ot" {in a little sing-song voice when you don't want to do something}
"mayme" {maybe}
"I love collar bears" {polar bears}
"deebee deebee" {DVD}
"farties" {smarties}
As soon as I turn the lights out at night..."Sing prayers, mama. Put my cover on. Put my blankie on. Pleeeeeaaase." Yes, 'sing' not say. Your cover is your fuzzy blue and brown polka dot blanket, not to be confused with any of your other blankets. You are so cuddly - I love that!

And my most favorite..."I lot{love}you mama.with all my heart.Jesus in my heart."...all together and always in that sequence.

Love you my sweet boy!

Happy belated birthday, Papa J!!
It doesn't happen often, but Lance and I both had to be out of town on the same two days this week. THANK YOU NOONIE for taking care of the littles!!!!

And THANK YOU PAPA J & NOONIE for taking Grace and Hudson to the park and to lunch! They had soooooooo much fun {and are taking great naps now - HA!} Lance and I loved catching a matinee today! Woo hoo!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

keepin' me in check

Me (yesterday morning in the everyday rush to get out the door and to school on time): Grace, PLEASE stand still. I can't do your hair when you're doing all that (dancing... some kind of hand motion-cheer thing... balancing on one foot).

Repeat x3, tone escalating each time.

Me (in total exasperation): I NEED you to act your age, like you're almost 5 and not be so wiggly like you're your brother's age (yea, definitely NOT a proud mom moment).

Grace: But mama, God made all of us special and different and I'm just not a be still kind of person.

OUCH and THANK YOU my sweet girl. I'm sorry.

Today marks the first day of Lent...I think PATIENCE is what I'm being called to work on.

{Oh, and the picture has nothing to do with my post...just a sweet little vintage find that I hope to put to good use for Grace's Vintage Kitten Birthday Party next month.}


Monday, February 20, 2012

{Lulu & Co.} sneak peeks...and Arrietty

This order was a lot of fun to create. L's request was simply along the lines of "I want something with a vintage vibe and I like blue"...These are some of my favorite fabrics...I love how this sweet hat turned out and I hope you do too, L!L was one of my first customers when I started selling hats online. She has entrusted me with making hats for her daughter's 2nd, 3rd, and now 4th birthday...what a special honor!L, I hope your sweetie has the most magical pink-fairy-princess birthday ever! {Oops! This picture is rather flashy and a bit out of focus...sorry it was late at night!}And with the party destination, I can pretty much say she certainly will! *wink*The other day I was listening to K-LOVE and a story, actually more like a reflection, caught my attention. It was about how grandparents break all the rules that they had when they were parents once grandkids enter the picture. Went on to talk about how a dad who was once adamant about taking breaks while on road trips was now super laid-back with the grandkids on a recent trip, even making a stop for no reason at all other than to eat ice cream...inside the restaurant.

It really made me stop and think. I want to have those moments NOW. Those fun, break-the-rules, play hooky, spontaneous moments that are what some of the best memories are made of. Not all the time, but just sprinkled here and there, often enough so that we can look forward to them and rare enough to be appreciated.
We're pretty strict about bedtimes and nighttime routines on school nights. But tonight we set all that aside. I gave the littles their baths right after lunch {spaghetti lunch...enough said!} and then while they were both napping {hello, 2 1/2 hr nap!!! was it the bath??? hmmm...I may be on to something...} I called Lance at work and said, "what do you think if we go out to dinner and take the littles to a late movie?"I think he was a little skeptical, after all the show started 30 minutes before our target bedtime, but he went along with it. Grace was too cute. She wavered between asking "are you suuuure?" and giggling the way only little girls can. We saw The Secret World of Arrietty, ate nerds and m&m's, and pretty much had the whole theatre to ourselves. Hudson was a little tired but he stayed awake the whole time, pausing from resting his sweet little head on my chest to exclaim and laugh about his own bodily functions {what a little stinker...such a BOY!}.

And before we called it a night, Grace said to me, "Mama, you know what I love best about having you for a mom?" {we've been having these sweet little conversations a lot lately and she usually says something like, "that you bake all kinds of yummy things", "that you do art projects with me" I was fully expecting "that you take me to see movies..."} but instead she said, "You. I love that you are you, mama. I love who you are."

Oh, my sweet girl. The feeling is mutual. I love you and your little brother just as you are...times a gazillion! Thank you for making my night.
The Lorax...7:30p show....on a weeknight...we're so there.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Health Week & Mardi Gras!

This past week the little pumpkin's preschool unit was on the Human Body and Health Care Professionals. Grace was super excited all week because on Friday, not only did they get to attend their school's Mardi Gras parade, but................... Noonie came to speak to her class about being a pediatrician & neonatologist!Noonie talked to them about kangaroo care of preemie babies, which they really got into...She brought a couple of stethoscopes and they each had a turn listening to each other's hearts...Grace was too cute! As soon as Noonie walked in wearing her scrubs and carrying her old doctor's bag, Grace started jumping up and down and telling everyone, "this is my Noonie!!", even though they all know who she is already. Priceless!Thank you for visiting Grace's class, Noonie!Hudson was not feeling well Friday afternoon - kept saying his belly hurt - so we missed the float loading party that we wanted to go to - boo! But luckily by this afternoon, he was feeling a bit better and we were able to go to Bennett's Mardi Gras Parade Birthday!

There's that birthday boy!
Good try...Whack!While waiting for the parade, they even had time to climb a tree...Waiting...Finally! Floats!!This little guy had a pretty good seat...Rock star, baby!Checking out his new sword...Throw me something, mister!! And that they did...yes, even hot dogs {wrapped in foil, thankfully} - HA! Better than the ziploc bags of spaghetti from last year!!!! Gag! "Cutest float" according to Grace & her buddies :) Fun times! Happy 5th Birthday, Bennett!
Laissez les bon temps rouler!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

our week in random pics

1. Birthday invites...mailed/delivered! Woo hoo!2. Cutest little {chubby} piggies...although I have no clue why he likes to wear one shoe on, one shoe off????3. Hudson ranked his favorite movies...we sure have watched our fair share of these movies the last couple of weeks...4. Because we've had far too many days like's so hard on a mama's heart when the littles are sick :(5. Luckily we've also had some good days and we've even snuck in a couple of mid-week, impromptu lunch dates...6. We celebrated a special birthday...Happy 35th, hon!7. This little Christmas gift has sure come in handy...out of all the games, the little pumpkin's favorite: drawing, of course!8. I love this little racoon! LOVE!9. One of my favorite moments this week...all 4 of us piled up in Grace's room playing legos-n-lalaloopsies all at the same time.10. Two birthdays, Valentine's Day, and an anniversary...WOW!

Happy 30th Anniversary Mimi & Pop!!!
Happy Birthday, Papa J!!!