Monday, June 8, 2015

Last Day of School {2015}!!

The littles had their last day of school on May 21st, but as usual, I'm playing catch-up!! 
They've changed so much in just a year so I want to make sure and capture these moments for our blog book.

Ready to go, gifts in hand for their 3 main teachers!  I took the easy route and had the shop wrap them for us so I didn't get a picture, but we got them personalized Lilly Pulitzer stationery and jewel stone gold bangles like these - kinda preppy but that's the mood we were in!
Grace, 8 yrs. 2 mo.
{last day of 2nd Grade}
Hudson, 5 yrs. 11 mo.
{last day of Kindergarten}
What a difference a year makes!!
Sweet kinder buddies...Caroline, Henry & Hudson!
One last morning of hugs from his teacher, Ms. V...
Grace with her beloved Miss D! Oh, how she has loved having her this year!! We have been spoiled with amazing teachers throughout the years and Miss D's sweet nature just raised the bar that much higher! Thank you for making her 2nd grade year AMAZING!!
Mrs. L has been Grace's Gateway teacher for the past 3 years!!! We love Mrs. L!! I can't even begin to tell you how hard it was to say goodbye! At least Hudson has her for 2 more years!!!
CraZy girls!! These two besties are sumthin' else!
F R E E D O M!!! Hello, Summer!!!!
{not sure why Hudson looks like the Statue of Liberty!!}
And just like that, we now have a FIRST grader and a THIRD grader!! HOW did that happen??!


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