Friday, September 4, 2015

Hilton Head, SC and Kayaking in the Triangle! {Summer Vacation}

I love that we were able to explore lots of different places in a week's time. We took a day trip to Hilton Head - it was definitely much more touristy than Tybee Island, but we found some fun shops and we had a great time at Lawton Stables!
The only bummer was that Hudson was too little for the horseback riding and Grace was too big for the pony rides so we couldn't ride like we wanted to - boo! But we had fun feeding the horses nonetheless!
"He's so slobbery and drooly but I really like him!" ~Hudson, 6
Even I got in on the action! First time to feed a horse!!
Of course, the moment mama says, "Let's take a picture together," all bets are off! hahaha {Could they be any more thrilled???!}
Grace, the Horse Whisperer... 
She fell in love with this horse and was so sad when it was time to leave. She was so gentle. You could totally see the horse relaxing around her.
And then there's Hudson and the chickens...
This pic pretty much sums it up.
After our Hilton Head adventure, we headed back to Tybee and decided to go kayaking. A first for the littles and me. Lance had been, but not recently. 

Hudson - normally all chill and laid back...
...was not too sure about the whole thing! 

He said he was bringing "provisions" (aka Gatorade) in case "we get stranded on that island over there and have to survive". #ohmy
This is my We-better-get-a-family-pic-in-case-something-happens-to-us-out-there!!!!
And we're off!  Kayaking across Tybee Creek to The Triangle (mouth of the inlet to the ocean side) to Little Tybee! We didn't dock at Little Tybee because the thought of gators (creek side) and sharks (ocean side) had my belly in a knot!! Not to mention some certain little ones who kept insisting on paddling and who were too wiggly for comfort!
But I'm so glad we did it. Definitely a thrill! When we got back to AJ's Dockside, the guy said, "Did your kayak flip??" Apparently we had an unacceptable amount of water IN the kayak - hahaha! 

A few more beach pics of those three that I'm crazy about...
Smile, Grace!
Smile, Hudson! he he he 
{I love that God gave me both a girl AND a boy to keep things interesting!!}
This sweet girl is always dancing...
Hudson really got into riding the waves this year...
The beach is indeed our happy place!


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