Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Sunday!!!

We had such a wonderful time Easter Sunday! Noonie and Papa A.J. joined us for Mass and I must say Grace was on her absolute best behavior. We didn't have to step outside even one time! I think it had something to do with her grandparents being there...or maybe it was the bunny shaped pink slinky we let her take to church (just in case it was the slinky, I went to Target today and picked up the green one and the blue one on sale so we can try for two more sundays in a row :) After Mass, we had a nice lunch, and then went home to let Grace open her easter baskets from Mimi and Pop, Noonie and Papa A.J., and from the "Easter Bunny". She loved almost all the treats, especially the books and the easter basket grass, but she wasn't too keen on the ticking chickens, which I thought were so cute since she loves animals. Now being a "pro" at popping open easter eggs, she kept laughing every time she opened one! And she actually kept her bunny ears on for a good long while which amazed me since she takes hats off right away. She looked so cute and cuddly with the bunny ears!!! May God's blessings be with each and everyone of you! ~Jessica


Meandmyboys said...

Jessica~ What great pictures! She looks so much like you and looks like she had a wonderful Easter, I love her chair :) It is funny to see last Easter picture compared to this Easter, I like the idea of the annual Easter photo.
Love Heather

Jessica said...


Isn't it amazing how fast they grow!!! Just think, next Easter, you'll be chasing to busy little boys around! Miss you guys so much. Hugs to my two favorite nephews in the whole wide world!