Tuesday, July 21, 2009

childhood memories

I love these two pictures of the little pumpkin! She's enjoying a snowcone while swinging in the backyard after having played in the kiddie pool. Fun times! We are definitely taking advantage of longer daylight hours and lazy summer days. This past weekend, at just days shy of his 1 month birthday, look who got to dip his tippy toes in the pool for the first time! Not too sure about that, so let's try it again - this time with Daddy. I'm too cool for the kiddie pool. Yawn, Yawn Apparently dipping his toes in the pool puts the little guy right to sleep...maybe I should try this in the wee hours when Hudson refuses to sleep??? And finally, just Brother and Sister hanging out. Life's good! Hope you're having fun in the sun and making lots of memories to treasure along the way!