Friday, July 5, 2013

happy 4th!

We had a great 4th! I hope you did too!
We stayed home, Lance grilled, Mimi and Pop came over, and the littles splashed to their hearts content in the kiddie pool - fun times all the way around!  Of course I couldn't let a holiday go by without at least setting up a fun little tablescape!
Attempts at family pics...
While Lance was busy making all of this...
{yum, yum}
I sent the littles to Hudson's room with "homework" so I could set the table.  I gave Grace a little clipboard and a pencil and asked her to think of 6 things she's grateful for about living in this great country.  Same for Hudson but just 4...since he's four.  I want them to think beyond the parties and festivities of each holiday to the real reason we celebrate in the first place.  I then hid them at each place setting and after we blessed the food, Grace read their lists.
"Clows" would be clothes and "Natre" is nature :)

Ready for the big reveal - he he he.
Be still my heart...
What makes it all worthwhile for me...look at their sweet expressions of joy!
They wanted to check out their surprises right away...of course there was the usual, "Hey, I wanted to open that one!"
An official march around the room...
A sweet blessing of thanksgiving for our nation and then it was time to read their lists...
A little someone was all about the SWEETS!
And this little pumpkin was all about the CHERRIES!!
Time to dig in!
Full bellies!
A quick little switcheroo and they were ready for the pool!
"No, Hudson, you're supposed to do it like this!"
Yay, it's Mimi and Pop!!
Time for masterpieces...
Lots of SLidINg...
...and SpLAsHiNG!!
And oh my, the pOsiNG!!
But these sMiLEs made it all worthwhile!
These yUMmY tREaTs were the perfect ending to our day!
I even got to finish and deliver this fun tank to a friend! My first time making one for a grown-up!
I hope you had a great day{weekend} celebrating with loved ones...
...and making memories for years to come!
Happy 4th!


Kelli said...

Such a fun day! I love your table... It is the simple things that make the day fun.
Oh my I just love the tank you made.

Ashleigh said...

Deep in the heart of TEXAS!! I love love love my tank and I CANNOT wait to wear it!! You are the best. Thank you from the bottom of my Texan heart :)

Virginia said...

What a simple and lovely celebration!
Wish we could have been there to celebrate together.
Maybe next year! Love the lists they made!
Noonie/ Mom

Jennifer Plus Love said...

everything is so cute! I have the bags with the states where did you get it?