Sunday, October 13, 2013

For a teacher who's the real thing... {Coca Cola Party!}

This has been the month for teacher birthdays!! Grace's homeroom teacher and both of Hudson's teachers had birthdays within 7 days of each other.  Then a couple of weeks ago Grace's principal turned 50 and our "Teacher Treat" group was in charge of her lunch, so I guess I'm going to be sharing mini parties all week long!
I LOVE celebrating teachers! I don't think you can ever do enough to let {good} teachers know how much they mean to you. I know I couldn't do what they do, that's for least not with as much grace and poise. Patience is NOT one of my virtues, although I pray for it daily...but I digress...
My baker-extraordinaire-co-room-mom Alicia made the yummy Coca-Cola cakes and I just added the buntings...
Oh, and the whole reason for the Coca-Cola theme in the first's Mrs. Y's favorite drink!
We added a little lesson right in the middle of the par-tay with these little labels right here...
"Believed to be the first coupon ever, this ticket for a free glass of Coca-Cola was first distributed in 1888 to help promote the drink." {via here}

Trying to guess how old Mrs. Y is... 
Happy Birthday to you...
Love this one! Mrs. Y is so much fun!
Opening the class gift...thanks to so many generous parents that participated, we were able to get Mrs. Y a nice Visa gift card to spend as her heart desires!
All the littles having a good 'ole time!
Sweet girls!
Hope you had a super fun {early} birthday, Mrs. Y!


Laura Tieri said...

That candy corn cupcake cake is way cool!
It looks like they have so much fun in school.
At least a lot more fun than I remember. : )
Congratulations on the weight loss too! That is great!
I just lost 23 pounds myself & it's already eased some of the pain in my bad knees! Yea!

Kelli said...

Such a fu. Party! Looking forward to all the party posts this week!

Kelli said...

Sorry that should say ...... such a fun party!

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