Wednesday, November 27, 2013

the pilgrims + the native americans {Preschool Thanksgiving Feast}

This time of the year I love seeing all the pictures of my friends' littles dressed up in thanksgiving costumes! I love all those sweet Pilgrims and Native Americans!! This is a pic of Hudson's class and our partner preschool class...
Love all the Native American names too!
First Day of School pics, Thanksgiving Costume pics, Christmas cards...these are all things that make me H A P P Y. I'm a simple girl at heart. And don't even get me started on preschool crafts!! {maybe I missed my calling?}
Is there anything cuter than preschool programs?? I think not! Yes, I'm the obnoxious parent sitting up front snapping pics while at the same time trying to video the whole thing with my phone. And I probably have watery eyes too. Don't hate.
There's our little turkey!
Hudson is such a loving little boy. He is affectionate and sweet and gives A M A Z I N G hugs. Love you, Hudson!!
Hudson's preschool class had its very own "pilgrimage" to a nearby park, where we met our partner preschool class from another local school and had a nice Thanksgiving Feast al fresco.
Playing on the "Mayflower"...
Time for the feast!
The other preschool class set up all the decorations and I thought everything looked so cute! Perfect for preschoolers!
Let's eat!
M'mm m'mmm....
So cute, and oh my, the conversations!! ha!
He doesn't like sweets or anything...
My favorite little Pilgrim!
Who knew Pilgrims loved Legos??!
Such a fun day!!

The little pumpkin's class didn't have a thanksgiving feast per se, but they did have a fun snack...homemade carrot cake cupcakes {thank you, Solomon's dad!}...even if it fell on the same day as the school-wide pizza slice + Coca-Cola day! cRaZY!
Cute favors from one of our sweet classmates!
Gobble, Gobble!
My little helper!
Sweet, sweet girls!
Our two biggest blessings from God...
Happy Thanksgiving!