Thursday, December 5, 2013

Operation Disguise Gingerbread Man

Let me preface it by saying this...I pink-glittery-sparkly-bubble letters-puffy hearts L O V E preschool crafts. I suffer from the can't-throw-it-away-because-we-might-need-it-for-one-of-our-crafty-projects syndrome. But what I do NOT love are preschool projects with only 3 days notice on an otherwise jam-packed week full of work, birthday hat orders, the hubby's company's Open House, and Christmas activities. Okay, rant over.
Here's what I've come to find...little boys are just not as much into the sort of craftiness that I enjoy as little girls are. Just the plain, cold hard truth. Hudson is into it for maybe 2 minutes and then he's done. He's moved on to building towers and whole cities and putting together Michaelangelo-worthy Lego creations and inventions. I love to watch him when he's in his element.
So back to the whole Operation Disguise Gingerbread Man. I unpacked his backpack Monday afternoon and found the adorable little brown cardstock gingerbread man ready to be transformed. Ideas started swarming through my head {Nutcracker, anyone?}. I asked him what he wanted to disguise his gingerbread man as, and without hesitation he shouted, YODA!!!!!  And so Yoda we did!
He even has a ric rac trimmed cloak! #insanity
And because I also suffer from can't-leave-well-enough-alone syndrome, I started adding a little of this and a little of that, but in the end I/me/myself we succeeded in bringing Yoda Man to life!  And let me tell you, we have 3 boxes of glow in the dark bracelets hidden somewhere in our house.  Of course, I could find none of them last night.  Thankfully, a paintbrush minus the bristles and a little Martha Stewart glitter glue worked just fine.  He had to have a lightsaber, you know!
The smile on his face when he saw the finished Yoda this morning was priceless!  Made the 1:30 a.m. completion time worth it.  Don't you love Parent Homework? *smile*
And just for the record, this was a fun activity, to be done as a family, and maybe even marked "optional".  Come science fair time, they're on their own - ha!

But seriously, the littles were in a super great mood this morning thanks to Yoda Man.  I'm thinking maybe I should just ditch the elves and stick with Yoda Man?  Hmmmm....