Friday, December 19, 2014

A Coastal Christmas on V Island! {kindergarten christmas party}

Hudson and Grace had class parties at the same time, so I got my exercise going up and down the stairs during that 1.5 hrs!! Hudson was so excited to give Ms. V her gift. I hope she liked the necklace!!
Lots of yummy treats!
These adorable mice cookies that Leslie made and the cute drinks that Amanda wrapped like reindeer were just the best! The Whales LOVED them!!
Hudson and his buddy Jayden dressed the part!
First up: Book Exchange! 
Lots of excited little ones!!
Yay, Pete the Cat!
Kinders are just so much fun!!
Sweet friends...Hudson & Macy!
Hudson and his buddy Ross!
Time for Pass the Present! 
The Whales were super excited to find out what was in the ENORMOUS box!!
And when Ms. V stopped the music...Hudson got lucky and had the present so he got to open the box!
But wait!
What is this???! 
Oh, the giggles!
And on and on for 4 rounds until finally Olivia opened the last box and inside were treats for everyone!
Including these cute Rudolph noses for all the Whale Kids!
Looks like Santa picked up a cute new reindeer!
Time to decorate cookies and eat all the fun treats!!
Fun times with friends!
These siblings even snuck in the Whale Tank to check out the fun on V Island!
I love, love this cute reindeer that Hudson brought home!
Such a fun day to be a kindergartener!!
And as if one day of partying wasn't enough....the very next day was Polar Express Day! The littles loved wearing their jammies to school!
And finally.....................Hooray for Christmas Break!!

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Lindsey said...

Macy was in Bennett's class the past 2 years!