Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Nutcracker!

Because dancing in your very first Nutcracker is the stuff little girls' dreams are made of...
I wanted Grace to have a magical day from beginning to end, so I set up a little breakfast the day she was set to perform with the Moscow Ballet in the Great Russian Nutcracker a couple of weeks ago. I got a little teary eyed setting it up because I still think of her like this...
I try to always use what I have on hand, hence the pink tutu she was wearing in the baby pic + her current slippers...
...but I did a little bit more prep work than usual because I wanted to have two special gifts...a sweet nutcracker charm for her bracelet to mark the occasion, and the mini Mooshka ballerina doll that she kept admiring at Target a couple of weeks ago...
Of course, I couldn't leave Hudson out so he got a little packet of Lego Mixels - he loves those things! They both got these cute chocolate bars too - I couldn't resist!
I picked out a couple of fun Nutcrackers to add to our collection. The cupcake one in honor of Grace and the elf one in honor of Hudson...
Breakfast was simple...freshly baked blueberry muffins and milk...
Oh, how I wish they could stay like this forever!
But today, the little pumpkin fulfilled one of her dreams by dancing in the Nutcracker!
So proud of my girl!!
I checked her out of school early and we had a little lunch just the two of us before getting her ready...
...and in no time flat, it was time to go!
I was sad that they don't actually get fitted with their costumes until the day of the actual performance since the costumes belong to the Moscow Ballet and not to our local studio, which meant I didn't get to take any pictures of her myself. They do take professional pictures you can order, but it's still not the same - boo! 

I love this picture her dance studio posted backstage!! All the little Snowflakes ready to go!
This one was during intermission, right after Grace performed and we were all so excited!! She danced with the biggest smile on her face. It was SO worth all the long practices! This little fella clapped so loud for his sister - it melted my heart!
You're not supposed to snap any pictures, but I couldn't help myself!
I did wait until the very end, at least!!
Her #1 fan! 
As soon as the door opened and he saw her, he just RAN!
Family pic...under the street lights - ha!
So dark, but with her sweet grands and Aunt Tammie who came to watch her dance!
Grace and Karoline...sweet friends!
Grace, 7 1/2 
November, 2014 
~Snowflake in the Nutcracker~
Grace, I hope your first show was everything you hoped for and more! 
Daddy, Hudson and I are so very proud of you!!


Kelli said...

Love your sweet is so important to celebrate everyday..these little things are what our sweet little ones will remember. Oh how I wish I could spend an afternoon with you and share ideas. :)

Laura T. said...

How cool is that! What a wonderful experience! Can I be proud of her even if I've never met her??? Ah, blog land! It's a funny thing. I've never met you guys but it's very touching to see the kiddos growing up right before my eyes! They are so lucky to have such a great family & such FUN breakfasts & parties!!!

Virginia said...

My sweet Grace:
It was so exciting to watch your first performance with a professional ballet company! You did very well and looked beautiful! Papa J and me, your Noonie, are very proud of you. Love you lots!!!

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