Sunday, February 15, 2015

spread the love {2015}

These two cuties were super excited to celebrate Valentine's Day at school on Friday. Hudson and his bowties...swoon!
A little something to love on our teachers...
{free printable by A Night Owl here}
Every holiday we try to love on a few extra people at our school. For Valentine's Day we chose our security guard and janitorial staff and made them a valentine "love mix"!
{free printable by eighteen25 here}
Love in a jar!
Grace and Hudson's teacher, Mrs. L, has an August birthday and this past year it fell on the first day of school. That's always such a crazy day that we decided to surprise her by celebrating her 1/2 birthday! She had no idea - yay!! We pulled it off!
We made these fun valentines for the littles to share with their friends...
{free printable by The TomKat Studio here}
I wanted to go with the heart sunnies but waited too late to order online and when I priced them locally x48 decided the star-shaped funny glasses were just fine - ha! 
{Michaels, 12-pack for $3 if you're interested!}
The Disco Kids loved them! It was a wild zoo in their room with all the kids passing out their valentines that we didn't get a pic with Miss D - boo!
Grace wanted to share a little extra valentine with Savannah and Leia...a funny looking donut lipgloss and googly-eyed fake nails we found during a recent trip to Michaels...too cute!
In the Whale Tank they had activities all day long, rather than having a concentrated party - super fun for the kiddos, but sad for the parents since we don't get to see them having all the fun - boo! They decorated these cute valentine mailBAGS to take their treats home...
Hudson giving Ms. V her s'mores jar!
Love the cute Love Bug hats! Leslie made the yummy popcorn snack and the Whales gobbled it up!
And good thing we had such a fun Friday, because Saturday morning Hudson started not feeling well and poor thing is coughing his little head off as we speak - noooo! The Mr. and I will have to have a belated v-day celebration when we can get everyone to stay H E A L T H Y for longer than a couple of days at a time!!  Go away cooties!



SAM said...

Sounds like you had a splendid valentines day :) and get well soon hudson!

Fancy at the Farm said...

Jessica you seriously have a heart of *gold*. I love all of your fabulous ideas and am so thankful you inspire such greatness.

Kelli said...

Such a fun day. We handed out mason jars filled with valentine Chocolates.

Lesley said...

Our sermon this past Sunday was about how we should lift people up, in our words and actions. I thought of you because you are such a sweet example of this and you inspire others to do the make more of a difference than you will ever know. God Bless!

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