Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Warning: Leprechaun on the Loose! {St. Paddy's 2015}

That silly leprechaun got a hold of our breakfast, lunch, and even our kindergarten treats!
Last minute love notes + about as much gReeN stuff as I could come up with this morning...it's the thought that counts, right??!
Leprechaun treats...yum!
Hudson, 5: "I think the leprechaun and the Grinch are related."
No pinching here!
The calm before the storm...
A tiny drop of green food coloring at the bottom of the cup + a cleverly placed straw concealing the drop = Magic Milk! Comes out of the milk carton white but when it hits the cup...Boom! It's GREEN!! Now, how did the leprechaun pull off that trick??! he he he...so cute to watch the kinders' reactions!!
Such cuties! Loved seeing them all decked out in their green today!
Hope you had a fun St. Paddy's!


Sara Moon said...

Where oh where did you get glitter plates?

Queen of Good Intentions said...

Missing your posts!! Hope all is well!

Debby Nygaard said...

Thinking the same thing! Hope you and your family are ok. Missing your sweet pics and posts.

Eleanor said...

Yes. I've missed seeing your posts in my feed. Mostly, I'm hoping that all is with you and yours.

Mommy of three. Three and under 😛 said...

Yes! Me too!!! Mommy of three who loves what you do! We really do miss your posts!!!! Hope you're doing awesome 🙏😊.

Queen of Good Intentions said...

Please say you are coming back! Miss you!!!!!

Jessica said...

Glitter plates = Target...on clearance!!

Andrea, Debby, Eleanor & Mommy of 3: Thank you so much for being so sweet and checking on me! Everything is okay. Life has just been super busy and I decided to take a little blog break. Working on getting caught up now! :)

If you instagram: you can find me under @littlepumpkingrace


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