Monday, August 31, 2015

Tybee Island 2015 {Summer Vacation}

As usual I'm so very late to the party sharing pics of our Summer adventures, but better late than never. { I'm also super behind on ordering blog books - go figure!}
Lance is all about the travel/driving schedule which means some cRAzY departure hours, but when we get there and have all the extra time to enjoy, I'm always thankful for his leadership in this area!
This year we decided to drive through the night for the first time...
It worked out well. Well, mostly. This little one as expected...
But then there's this certain little fella that was still going strong at 4:14 a.m.!!! At least he was happy!
We made it to Savannah and headed straight to the Back in the Day Bakery!!
Sooooo yummy!! I wish I could have sampled one of everything!!
Coffee. Bring us all the coffee!
Even after all that driving, Lance was still a good sport and let me do a little shopping before we headed to our home away from home for the week. I found a really pretty turquoise cuff bracelet at this cute shop in downtown Savannah.
I fell in love with Savannah. The buildings. The squares. The fountains. The gorgeous Spanish moss lined streets. Ahhh...
On to our home away from home for the week...Tybee Island! But first a little tribute to Shark Week - ha!
We stopped to eat at a local fish place and right outside were these beautiful flowers! I had to stop and snap a pic and send it to Noonie because they reminded me so much of "amapolas" - a flower I grew up seeing all over Puerto Rico!
Lance found this little gem for us and Oh my, he did GOOD!!!! It was love at first sight! And not just for me - ha! The fist pumps might have been because they had their own tv in their room {something I don't see happening at home for a LONG time}, but alas, I'm just going to stay in my bubble and think it's because the décor was so perfect. *wink*
We love, Love, LOVE The Coral Cottage! Highly recommend! It was spotless. Perfect location. So many of you on Instagram asked for the link, so here are more pictures from their {listing}.
This little boy just makes me SMILE! He is so funny!
He was so excited to find dino "bones" in the side yard right by the outside shower {don't worry, there's an indoor bathroom too!}.
So after unloading and getting settled in we headed to - where else - the beach!!
Love the sand dunes!
The beach is the little pumpkin's happy place. A girl after my own heart!
The swings are always a hit!
We later tried to go for gelato but they were closed early - boo!
We did find a perfect little spot for husbands and kids. The official "husband bench" - ha!
And a fun bubble bird bath for the littles.
All so mama can shop in peace! #genius
{I secretly love that she still loves bubbles!}
I'm going to be posting vacation pics all week long, so just bear with me!


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