Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Through the eyes of a child

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post these photos! They were taken at the end of March and I just forgot about them until someone reminded me:) Grace had a blast checking out the fountains downtown and had a very hands-on nature lesson with the azaleas! I love spring and on this particular day, Noonie, Grace, and I had a chance to really enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Grace loves water and thought the fountains were one big "splish splash, bathtub time"! The wind was blowing really hard as you can see. What better nature lesson than to study the azaleas up close and personal. By the way, the pink color of the flowers is just amazing to me!
Grace tried to eat the azaleas - SCARY, since they are poisonous (lots of hand cleaning involved here). Like I said, a very hands-on nature lesson. Pouting 'cause she couldn't eat the flowers.
Now, let's learn about the petals...
Petals? Wow! They're soft and sort of squishy. Uh-oh, the wind blew my petals away!!
I'll pick the petals up, Mommy!
My sweet, happy, curious child!
And finally, when we got back home, Grace enjoyed a giggle fest with Noonie!

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