Sunday, April 6, 2008

Playroom Update

Grace's playroom is really taking shape. Lance installed the gate this past week being that it's really a play area rather than a playroom since it opens up into another area of our house. Thanks to a birthday present from Grace's Mimi and Pop, Grace will soon be playing with the stove and sink from this cute kitchen!!!

And thanks to Grace's Noonie and Papa A.J., the larger version of this cute rug will soon be cozying up her playroom!!!

She has been so excited to have a larger area to play in and loves looking out the windows.

For my part, I've been busy buying play food and cute little felt cookies and CUPCAKES, of course! I'm like a kid in a candy store!!! I love all these girly things.

So far, Grace seems to like the fake mac-n-cheese box the best...a girl after my own heart!

Grace has also started doing the cutest thing ever (well, at least in my motherly opinion :) When someone says, "Where's Grace or Who's Grace?", she points to herself, smiles from ear to ear, and says "ME!" Thanks Noonie for teaching her this!!! Love it!!!


Meandmyboys said...

Well this play area has not taken very long to become the cutest playroom on the block!! I love all the little food, including the cupcake, and the kitchen set will be hours of fun. What a lucky little girl :) All our love

Jessica said...


I think it's a tie between me and Grace on who is more excited about this playroom!!! He, he, he! One of the great things about having kiddos - you get to play with the toys too :)

Can't wait to see new photos of my super cute nephews.

Love you guys,

Virginia said...

I love spending time with Grace in her play-area... and anywhere !!! She is such a joy to be around and a fast learner.
I know that if she could talk she would tell her Mommy: "I love my play-area, my library and all my pretty and safe toys! Thank you Mama! I love to pretend-play and Noonie is teaching me how to "cook" and feed my babies. I luv you lots, Mama!!!!
And, on a personal note from Mother to Daughter: Jessica, you are a wonderful and loving Mother. God gave you Grace as a blessing and entrusted you with her care. You are doing a great job! I can just imagine God's smile when He looks at the two of you together.
All my love, Mom/Noonie

Jessica said...


With tears in my eyes...thank you for your sweet message - I needed that! I have pretty big shoes to fill :) Love you more and more each day.


TaDa! Creations said...

I just have to say that those felt cupcakes and cookies are the sweetest things I have ever seen. I found them on Etsy too and hope to get some soon. Great choice on the kitchen set. You are so smart! Now I'm thinking we could ave done with out our fridge, they other 2 pieces get the most use anyway.

Jessica said...

That's good to know, Angel. I actually wanted to get the fridge but they were sold out :(