Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Loot

There's something about finding that one of a kind treasure that you never knew you needed/wanted before but just as soon as you see it you know, "it must come home with me"! When it comes to tag sales, flea markets and all related kinds of shopping, I love going without a plan. When I have something in mind that I'm looking for (vintage pink floral cake carrier - hint, hint), it seems that I never find it, but when I just let myself be inspired by what's out there, that perfect treasure just seems to fall in my lap! I found some sweet treasures on our weekend trip.

To introduce the first treasure look at this sweet photo of Grace! I feel like she's saying, "look at my mama's new treasure, whatcha think?" I owe this sweet treasure to my mom since I was done browsing at this particular store, but she was still looking so I decided to make another round with Grace to keep her entertained and there it was, sitting in a little corner all by itself, calling to me. I love the worn red color of the lid on this breadbox and the sweet floral motif. I'm thinking of using it as a flower container by our front door. That is, if the little missy will let me take it out of her play area. She thinks it's a new drum!

My first purchase in McKinney was actually this cute set of vintage wooden birthday candle holders with little clown faces on them. Now, I'm not usually a big clown fan, since some of them can be quite spooky, but these little clowns just had the sweetest, non-scary faces! By the way, the clowns have inspired a whole new party theme (off to right about it in my little idea book :)

Next I found this cute Red Riding Hood book for Grace! It's not vintage, it's a new book, but the images are definitely vintage inspired and little red riding hood has the cutest chubby cheeks which remind me of Grace! When Grace saw the book, she kept saying "girrrl" and smiling from ear to ear, so I think she likes it!

This next treasure just makes me smile silly when I look at it. It's the sweetest little jolly jumping jack! Grace giggled when I showed her how to pull the string to make him "jump".

Here lately I've been loving Little Golden Books, so it was no surprise that when I found this sweet one I had to have it! I thought the title was perfect to remind me of our shopping weekend and all the colors on the cover look so cute in Grace's wall bookshelf (this is where I put the books I don't want her to tear up, LOL!).
And I saved my absolutely, without a doubt, most favorite treasure for last!!! When I spotted this sweet vintage child's suitcase I got all goofy like a kid in a candy store! My mom didn't quite understand what all the fuss was about, but this little valise is just perfect - from the colors, the picture of the little lamb and chicks, the worn periwinkle blue handle to the spotless inside with a sweet star motif - I LOVE IT! I quickly found a spot for it on Grace's dresser and it looks so adorable!!! So there you have it, all the loot from a very fun weekend!


TaDa! Creations said...

You found some great finds! And that bow under the strawberry clipie is perfect, just as you said. :) You sure do have an eye for decorating.


Jessica said...

Aww, thanks Angel!! Decorating is my passion! I've always dreamed of opening up a little shop to feature vintage finds and new, carefully selected designs for mama and baby. Just scared to take the plunge, I guess. Maybe one of these days...