Friday, May 9, 2008

The world according to Grace

Grace is such a curious child, as I'm sure most toddlers are. She can spot something new or out of place in a nanosecond. She's figured out how to open some of the "child proof" drawer latches by pressing down on the little plastic latch. She's not satisfied with simply playing with a new toy, she must inspect it to see how it works, where the batteries are, where the sound is coming from, where the on/off button is. You get the picture! It's so fun seeing how her mind works!!

When we got home this afternoon, I needed to put away a few groceries. I gave her her favorite drink cup and figured I'd have a few minutes to put things away since she normally sits down with the cup and looks at her books (okay, dumps all the books out of the two baskets looking for just the right one to keep her attention). I heard her moving about her room, so I grabbed my camera and went in to see what adventure my little pumpkin was getting into. This is what I saw. Can't you just see the wheels turning in her head? And check out those tippie toes stretching to reach for the top of the dresser. Now, how she knew that the cd was on top of the dresser I don't know since it's so small and flat and we normally keep them in a drawer. I suspect she was checking out the newly arranged dresser decorations and then spotted it!

And this is what she does when she gets "caught". She throws herself at me and gives me smiles and kisses. She's got my weak spots all figured out! Oh, how I love my little pumpkin!

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Anonymous said...

I love this picture of Mother and daugther! How wonderful to treasure this forever! Love you guys!