Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fun at the Lake

Today we made a trip to Papaw's (Lance's dad) lake house. This was our first time to go there and although the temperature hit scorching numbers, we had a fun time. Grace had a couple of meltdowns - I think in part to it being so hot - but she loved checking out the party barge! We tried to go for a little ride around the lake, but Grace pitched a humongous tantrum over having the life vest on, so it was a 1-minute ride and turn back - hmmm, maybe when she's a little older or when it's not so hot since I think she felt claustrophobic with the jacket on.

Papaw and Mimsy

Grace thought it was hilarious to say Mimsy's name and kept going "meeemsie, meeemsie" pointing at her and smiling.

Checking out the little frog visitor! Can you tell how hot she was! "Driving" the boat (the barge was parked during all of this) A closer look at our Captain With Aunt Marilyn and Aunt Lexi

Later when we got home we had popsicles to cool off! Here she is making Mama smile by saying "popseeecle"

When we got home we had a little surprise - a pair of halloween overalls I had ordered came in. I love how sweetly Grace says "pumpkin" and I was excited to get a chance to capture it on tape.

Thank you for having us over Mimsy & Papaw! We had a great time!