Sunday, August 17, 2008

Simple Pleasures

We've been enjoying the lazy days of summer, hence the lack of posts lately! 'Been reminiscing of days gone by and the simplicity of it all!! Here's Grace enjoying a childhood favorite. First we tried it as a "choo choo". But it works much better as a boat! Playing princess with Daddy (indeed good daddies are hot like the shirt says :) LOVE that toddler jelly bean belly!! Hope you are enjoying the last days before school starts!


Nina Isabel said...

Recuerdo cuando jugabamos en casa de Abuelita en el pasillo metidas dentro de una caja. Good times!!!

Jenn said...

Look at her in her tutu!! She's such a doll! LOVE the box pictures...we've got a few of those as well! My girls like to use my extra rubbermaids :)

take a bow Jenn

Jessica said...

Si me recuerdo todas nuestras aventuras en casa de Tata y Abuelito!!! Te recuerdas las maldades que le haciamos a Virgi? :)

He, he, he - she does look cute in her little tutu :) - she calls herself princess in it! Rubbermaid totes - now that's a great idea!! Gonna pull some out tomorrow!