Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Card Outtakes

Whew, it's been one busy week! I'm so glad it's Friday!!! We've been out of town for most of the week, but right before we left I attempted (key word) to take some pics of Grace for our Christmas cards. Normally, I'm much better about this, but since I haven't been feeling great, everything is sort of delayed this year. I waited too late to try to schedule a photo shoot with one of our local talents, so off we trodded Noonie, Grace, and I, along with a gazillion props to try to get that one perfect shot that would grace our cards this year.

Here are some of the outtakes, unedited and just for fun:

You want me to do what? But mama, I'd rather do the hokey-pokey! You put your right foot in... You put your right foot out... (Sometimes, WAYYYYYY out!) You put your right foot in... And you shake it all about! You do the hokey pokey and you shake it all about. That's what it's all about! Now, wasn't that so much more fun than just smiling and saying "cheese"! Kids, gotta love 'em!

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