Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Twinkle in Her Eye

Princess Grace and I had a magical picnic yesterday...right in the middle of her bedroom floor. For two hours chores were ignored, phones turned off, and mother and daughter reveled in the company of each other and a few lucky "guests". It was magical. All the eskimo kisses, twirling, tickles, smooches...I soaked it all in and held tight. I'm a sentimental person by nature, but truth is my heart literally burst at the seams with love and joy for those 120+ precious minutes. And ever since. You see when I was pregnant with Grace I secretly wished for a little girl. Not that I would have loved a son any less, I just longed for that special mother-daughter bond I have with my mother that she has with her mother, my sweet grandma, to pass down one more generation. My wish was granted and I was gifted with a beautiful child full of energy and love for life. My charge: to nurture her soul and teach her His ways. Every day I pray for God to guide me in raising her, in leading her according to the path He's laid out for her. Sweet Twinkle Toes (the two stamps are from doing great in gymnastics earlier that morning :) All that dancing is hard work! Taking a little break with her beloved lovie and "moo moo" - pink giraffe (check out that adorable belly poking out!) So when we can freeze time, even for just a couple of hours, and just cherish the gifts that are our children, for that time, everything that is right with the world seems to come flowing in with a magnitude to be reckoned with. In that moment, I am humbled by His Grace for me, for my daughter, for all of humanity.

My beautiful Grace, I hope you forever keep that sparkle in your eyes. I hope you forever dance like no one is watching, love like you've never been hurt, and live like its heaven on earth. I love you to the moon and back AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN!


Meandmyboys said...

What a fun and sweet afternoon. Grace is so lucky to have such a caring and sweet mama who values all the precious little moments that can pass us by too quickly. Here's to more afternoon tea parties!

Jessica said...

Thanks, Heather! I try to keep it in perspective and cherish all those sweet moments that I know will be but just a memory in the blink of an eye...then, there are days like today when Grace refused to nap, the dog wouldn't hush, the phone kept ringing with annoying telemarketers, and we're getting over a cold...arrggghhh!!!!

Virginia said...

Definitely... the special mother-daughter (forever) connection has been passed on. YEAHHHH !
Grace-...( we'll have to wait many years for this one !)
Love, Noonie