Friday, April 24, 2009

Disney on Ice

We took Grace to see Disney on Ice: Disneyland Adventure, although it should have been called THE INCREDIBLES: Disneyland Adventure :( And although the main characters didn't have as much stage time, she had fun every time they came out on the ice, and she especially enjoyed Cinderella and Snow White.

In awe over everything Disney and sparkly

So this is the show we're going to see! Hurry, hurry, I think I see something It's MICKEY!!!!!!!!!!! Opening scenes Oh, my - it's really them! I'm not so sure about that scary guy But look there's an alligator and a bunch of monkeys with curly tails!!! Getting tired and growing restless during the second half...where's my Mickey?? where's Minnie? where's "Cinberella"? Checking out the princesses with Noonie one last time before going home All in all a fun time! Although I wish they would have had a lot more mickey/minnie and a lot less Incredibles (we've never watched the Incredibles) since most of the kids there were the preschool/kindergarten/first grade set. Every time mickey/minnie came on stage the roars from the audience were SO LOUD - you could REALLY tell what the kids liked :)

And when we got in the car...did you see that beautiful castle? I didn't see Daisy?? I didn't see (Princess) Aurora? I like Mickey Mouse Show!

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