Thursday, April 16, 2009

eye candy

Browsing through different sites tonight, I stumbled upon two keepers! The first is pure eye candy: Peekaboo Photography. The creative genius behind Peekaboo is Kate Moss and my, oh my, she makes me wish I lived in Utah, just so I could have her take pics of the little pumpkin and brother on the way. Here are just three of her masterpieces:

Oh, my goodness - is he not the cutest??!! And check out that adorable birthday hat - LoVE iT! Princess and the Pea - oh, so sweet! Springtime CutieThat last photo led me to my other discovery: naartjie Kids clothing line, founded in South Africa in 1989. The sweetie in the picture is wearing one of their spring confections. And their clothes are really, really, really reasonably priced - check them out!

Every once in a while it pays off to stay up late :)

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