Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Day - Grace Style!

First, the cuteness. There's nothing sweeter than a little girl in knee socks...except maybe if they're pom pom knee socks!!! Then, the inspiration. We couldn't let the New Year start without a little project to set the tone for the rest of the year! Except it was spur of the moment so the craft fairy didn't have a chance to have everything ready. Uh-oh, we'll see how this goes.

Before getting started, how about a little close-up of her tree? She was so proud of the ornaments she made! Love those! We now need not one but TWO glue sticks for projects :) And sometimes it's just more fun if you growl like a lion. Glitter is the new glue. Need to buy a present for a 2 y/o little girl? Glitter. Glitter is a 2 year old's best friend! Do you like our "snowballs"? Guess it works better if you mash them in. Silliness abounds when you're waiting for mama to cut out the next pieces. This little guy is such a good sport. He just likes playing with his toys in new surroundings.
But sometimes he needs a little diaper change, which means mama has to leave the room to tend to business. Uh-oh. Two year old + craft supplies + unsupervised time can sometimes lead to trouble. Thankfully this time it fell under the "cute mischief" category.

As I walked back into the room, I caught the little pumpkin exploring the bounds of her creativity. She didn't see me, but I saw her. She was busy stuffing pom poms into the little gingerbread house. One fluffy pom pom after another. Then she saw me :) Caught in the act! Guess that little house was too lonely and needed some tenants. When I asked her what she was doing she told me the house needed a family to live there :) And so I left the little house just like that. Packed up all the ornaments and the tree with our Christmas decorations, gingerbread house stuffed with tenants and all. Can't wait to pull out the decorations next year and reminisce over her 2 y/o creativity! May your year be full of wonder!


TaDa! Creations said...

Oh how sweet! I love her caught in the act antics and those smooshed little clouds. You are so brave to let the glitter loose in her bedroom. I think I need to get some for making Valentine's soon.

Thanks for the slippers!!! I was at another Tarjet today and they had one pair left. It felt like the only pair in the entire Twin Cities. I snatched those little birdies up so fast and now they'll all have cute slippers for their V-day baskets.

Jessica said...

Yeaaaa, I'm so glad you found another pair of the birdie ones!!!

We'll be making glittery valentines soon. If you come across any cute DIY ones let me know. I'm looking for some new ideas for the grandparents.

We're making marshmallow pop pairs to give out and I got some cute pink/red kissing whale stickers from Autumn Leah on etsy to stick on the baggies. Now just need a cute valentine to go along!

Jessica said...

Oh, and Hudson ate some glitter - YIKES! second child, second child... :)

TaDa! Creations said...

OMG, Sam ate Bar Keeper's Friend today! You know, the cleaning/polishing powder for stainless sinks and flat cooktops. first time calling poison control. Thankfully he's just fine. The lock on that cabinet broke just yesterday and of course he found out. I may have another "shower bandit" on my hands. :o

Jessica said...

Oh, my goodness Angel! I bet that was so scary!! Why, oh why, do they always find "the weakest link"? I see he has a little more than his sister's looks, huh? Little Sam, the Shower Bandit II he, he, he