Wednesday, June 13, 2012

art camp

My posting has been sPorAdiC and will probably continue to be for a while...we've been out squeezing every bit of fun we can out of the lazy days of Summer!

Last week Grace participated in a small art camp with her friend Caroline and had a blast! They worked with all kinds of different media and learned how to draw objects using ordinary shapes.

This seahorse was her very favorite. It's hard to tell from this picture, but the sea water is textured and grainy, like salt - so fun!
Thanks for the fun lessons, Mrs. Ellen!

I love making hats, I really do, but it's so nice to be caught up on orders and have a little break!!! This is my last one {on its way to you, S!} until July. Woo hoo!
We've been checking off things on our Summer Bucket List, how about you?  Any new favorites?  I'd love to know!


Betty said...

Is the dress Grace has on in the art camp post a pattern, and if so could you tell me what pattern? I'm a gran and I always love to see what Noonie has made

sunshine4 said...

I have been enjoying reading your blog for the past few months and really love your family values and artistic creativity! Thank you for providing me with inspiration while I am nursing my daughter and she is napping.
I would love to find out who you ordered that pillow wih Graces name on it from? Also if you could provide info on where you purchased her apron for cookie making day please? I wish you and your family great days ahead and hope your special trip was all you hoped for! :) Kristen

Jessica said...

Hi, Betty,
The dress is from Target! :)
Here's a similar sundress pattern & tutorial though!

Hi, Sunshine4 :)
Thank you for your sweet comment! I'll be sure to look up those links for you and come back here and post them in the next day or so! (just got home from vacation)


Betty said...

Target - they have really cute dresses. I liked the sleeves on the dress. I've made the dress from tadacrations but I think I could figure out the layered cap sleeves and make another one. Thanks so much. When I didn't get a reply my first thought was, oh there probably on vacation. I was right. Hope it was a good one.

sunshine4 said...

Thank you jessica! No hurry. :)

Jessica said...

Okay, here are the links!

Personalized pillow:

Apron...I wasn't sure which one! :)

The one from Cookie Bake Day 2011 is from Matilda Jane:

The ticking one with hand embroidery is from Tiny Sprouts:

Hope that helps!

sunshine4 said...

Oh... Thank you so very much for taking time to give me those wonderful links! You are so sweet. I love reading about your life and family. Inspiring.

Thanks again, Kristen :)

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