Monday, June 25, 2012


On our very last flight before making it home Thursday night, we were stuck in the plane for 1.5 hrs. prior to departure due to some maintenance issues. Not sure whether he did it to give the littles something to look forward to or not, but Lance asked Hudson if he'd like to go to Chuck E. Cheese for his birthday lunch the very next day and you can bet what Hudson replied! :)

I'm not a big fan of CEC mainly because it's always so crowded, but it was soooo nice on a Friday afternoon! No crowds - yeah!

Sweet birthday boy...
Big sis was all too happy to lend a helping hand...
You try it first...if it's good, then I'm all in!
These two really are best friends - so thankful for that!
And then.....................ha ha, yes! Forget the fork, he just went for it!
Time for some games!
One minute we were shooting the water squirt guns and next thing I know, this little fella is doing this:
Sneaky little thing! Of course we got him off, but not before snapping a few pics of his "strategy"...
Later, Mimi and Pop came by to give Hudson his presents...
This year he was really into opening gifts and would say things like, "Oooh, this is sooo nice. I love it!" he he he
Thank you Aunt Tammie for the generous gift!  He loved your card too!
You are the cuddliest, sweetest little boy.  You give the best hugs and we love your little kisses all throughout the day, especially when you kiss our arm or leg just because. 

You make us laugh with all the funny things you always say, like...
"your PHOOOOOONNNNEEEE!" anytime my phone rings
"it's green, we GOOOOO! it's red, we STOOOOOP!"
"huh, what did you said?" yes, "said" not "say" he he he
"yeah, yeah, that's right" when you want to save face :)
"kolala" for koala

You love Mater (Disney Cars), dinosaurs, books, chocolate milk, mac-n-cheese, popsicles, and you are soooo good at putting puzzles together.  Your favorite colors are orange & blue.

We can't wait to see how you grow this year.
We love you sooooooooo much, dear son.
Happy 3rd Birthday!
Mama, Daddy and Grace

...up next, Hudson's Gruffalo party!


Marissa and Cash said...

Hi! I love the orange and brown sandals. Who makes them?

Heather L. said...

Happy birthday, Hudson!!! Can't wait to see your party pics!

Jessica said...

Thanks, Heather!!

Marissa...Alligator Sole Squeaky Shoes! :)