Sunday, August 5, 2012

there must be lots of August babies...

...because these little hats have been flying out the door!
This is still the most requested design...
And this is the first hat I ever designed {for the little pumpkin's Vintage Strawberry Shortcake 3rd Birthday!} restyled with a new green ric rac trim...
And YES, I obviously have a left tilt when photographing my hats!!

Lulu & Co. hat info {here}.
Past designs {here}.
Order via a convo {here}.


Angel said...

Your party hats are the best! I haven't seen any that even compare to yours. You can tell you put alot of time and love into them.

Jessica said...

You're so sweet - thank you, Angel!

sunshine4 said...

Love your hat designs as always! In to see your creativity in your blog.

Woold love to know whereyou purchase, if you do, those pretty bows for your daughter! Do they come on clips?

I feel for you with sadness about children getting older. My little one is 19 months and I already am missing her babyness.

Take care, Kristen :)

Jessica said...

Hi, Kristen,

Are you talking about the big hair bows? I purchase mine locally, the fancier ones from a custom bow shop and the solid color ones, I used to purchase from a bakery!! Yes, a bakery - the owner's wife made them but she has since stopped making them. Boo!

One of my dear friends, Heather, makes amazing bows and I believe she is going to start selling them via her etsy shop soon. You can find her here:

sunshine4 said...

Thank you for your reply and the helpful information! I will check that out. Sooo cute!