Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Girls Weekend & Canton Finds

If you have little kids...or big kids for that matter, I bet you would agree that May has to be one of the busiest months of the year...maybe THE busiest!!

So excuse me while my head is spinning in a million directions because today all I'm sharing are completely insignificant, but perhaps pretty-to-look-at things from our Girls Weekend last weekend. And can I say that moms don't get enough of those...girls weekends, I mean???! I think a quarterly Girls Weekend sounds like a FAB idea!!  And well, any weekend that starts out with this is bound to be a-mazing...
That's my bff Heidi in the pic pretty on the inside as she is on the outside!  We were talking and shopping out on the fields at Canton {"the fields" are where you find all the really great deals, although this time they were a little disappointing), when we had the sudden realization that we just don't have enough pics of us together so we quickly remedied that with a phone selfie ;)
You've already seen my {prayer board}, but everything else I got was just kind of random.  I LOVE these fun bottles and I can't wait to use them for our {North Pole Breakfast} this year.  I never drank these as a child, but when I brought them home, Lance said he drank these ALL the time when he was little!  Love that!
What's a Canton trip without some fun linens, right?  Totally scored on this sweet granny honeycomb quilt at just $30 buckaroos!  I see a picnic in my near future...
This next purchase is totally inspired by my friend {Jenn} and her fab {guest bathroom}!!  I have no clue where I'm going to put this painting-by-numbers print, but I love the colors!
I never find many boy clothes I like in the Arbors {the more shop-like section of Canton}, but I always find some fun girl stuff!! 

Worry not though...last week on our way out of town to the visitation for Lance's grandma, I picked up Hudson from school and he was covered in blue and green paint so I had to make a mad dash to Gymboree to find him a suitable outfit and they had WONDERFUL deals on shorts/tees/polos for little guys, so he totally scored! 

Okay, back to my point....this little dress I found in the {Cici & Ryann} booth is a-do-ra-ble!!  I love the blue on blue chevron.  The gals over at Cici & Ryann never disappoint and they are as sweet as can be to boot!
I bought a size bigger than Grace wears so she can wear it as a dress instead of the tunic it's meant to be.  LOVE the criss-cross back!  I have a slight nautical obsession in case you didn't know. *wink*
Then there was this little {Mimi & Maggie} dress in the clearance rack of another booth that just screamed Indian Summer to me and for less than $20 it had to come home with me!  Thank you tax refund :)
A little unexpected back-to-school shopping with these fun {Morgan & Milo} sneaks but they were a steal!
I also found some sweeeet Mother's Day gifts for my mom and mother-in-law but I can't show you those just yet!! :)

We had to cut our weekend a little short because I had our last PSR {Parish School of Religion...sunday school in the Catholic church} with the sweet first graders I help out with and although I was a little sad to not get to stay an extra day, seeing these sweet faces and receiving the sweetest card made it all A-OK!  And the three amazing ladies in the picture with me are Kristi, Amanda, and Trisha...the three other teachers...and they are just Godly women and I adore them all!
And of course, I missed my sweet littles!!!  This is Hudson's "May the 4th be with you" shirt/pose :)))
Sweetest little pumpkin!  So excited to receive her own PINK rosary at church on Sunday!
But the best has to be this adorable tea party I was greeted with the moment I walked in the door Saturday night!!!
The little pumpkin wasted no time wearing the necklace I found this weekend!!  She insisted on putting it on Monday for school.  A girly girl after my own heart, I tell ya!  Loves fashion, especially accessories! :)
And this wasn't a Canton find, but I'd forgotten I'd ordered this fun burlap bow from a local boutique until they called me to pick it up.  Chevron + Burlap...what's not to love!!? 
So a great big THANK YOU to my hubby for making this weekend possible!! 
Love you!  XOXO,


Jenn said...

Glad you got away and had a chance to have some fun! Lots of cool drool-worthy stuff!! Love the paint by numbers of course. I've collected a few more but haven't hung them yet!!!

Meaghan said...

Is this Canton place like a farmers market? Seems neat!!! I love that quilt -$30?!?! I'm sure it would be at least $100 in this neck of the woods.
And adorable dress finds! Oh to have a little girl...not sure why the boy stuff never looks quite that cute!!

Kayla Cheatwood said...

Omg! I saw you there! I told my husband, "I follow her blog!!" I didn't want to go all stalker on you, though! We were a little disappointed in this trip, too! Didn't find many good deals!