Thursday, May 16, 2013

The family that limbos together...{Mother's Day Recap}

Mother's Day was such a nice, relaxed Sunday for us! Noonie and Papa J joined us for Mass and then we went for our annual picnic at the park {thank you to my sweet hubby and to Papa J for arranging all the food!!}.

We were able to see Lance's mom in the afternoon and I only wish my sweet grandma lived closer so I could have given her a hug.

Some random pics from our day...
The sweet handmade gifts made me tear up.  I'm blessed far more than I deserve with these two sweet littles!
Noonie loves rainbows and we found a card with a rainbow for her :)
She collects white milkglass...I found a really fun one for her in {Canton}.
Grace's teacher sent home the silhouette she made of each child at the beginning of the school year, along with a sweet poem on the back...
If Papa J is around, you bet the littles want him to toss them around!!
I found a canvas sign that I absolutely LOVED at Canton for my mother-in-law!!  I sort of wish I would have gotten one for us too - ha!  I had it monogrammed with their last name (blurred in pic) and I think she really liked it!
My, oh my, Grace was striking her cheerleader's like I'm seeing 5 years in the future... 
But my favorite part of Mother's Day was this spontaneous limbo contest we started when I found a stick near our picnic blanket...
Lance's turn!  He can limbo while eating a piece of chocolate pie - that's talent right there!!
Papa J's turn!  he he he
Hudson may or may not have cheated a little *wink*
We even talked Noonie into doing it!!!
I did it too, but no one took a picture {thank goodness!  hahahahaha!!} but here's one with my girly girl as we were leaving the park... proof that I was at that picnic too! ;)
Being a mom is the greatest gift I've ever been given.  Thank you sweet Lord for blessing me with these amazing little people I get to call my daughter and son!
And to my dear mom ~ ThANk yOU for being the best mother anyone could ever have. Anything good in me is because of you.
I love you!


Spears said...

Love grace's mj collection! And how sweet is that pic of you as a newborn with your mom?! Grace favors her a lot!

Virginia said...

It was a great Mother's Day indeed. As you said, the only thing missing was to have my sweet Mom, your Tata, with us here. May God always shower her with blessings and keep her in His care. Loved, loved the limbo contest!