Monday, September 23, 2013

Hudson's First Field Trip!

Hudson's preschool class went on their first field trip the other day and I was able to go with them - yay!   This is one excited little boy!!
First up, the pet store!
All these littles had such a fun time learning about and petting all sort of critters!
Thank you, PetSmart!
Onto Papa John's to learn about making pizza...and to have a yummy snack!
This being a field trip all about the letter "Pp", we were supposed to go play putt-putt, but we were rained out so bowling it was!
Sooooo super excited because Daddy was able to meet us during his lunch break!
So cute to watch all these littles bowl!
Teeny tiny bowling shoes...
...and BIG personalities!
I LOVED going with you, Hudson!!
And this crazy little selfie...dusty mirror and all...was me jumping for joy after reaching another weight milestone! :)
Excited for this Fall!

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