Monday, September 2, 2013

these boots were made for walkin'...

Let me start with this...I LOVE having both a daughter and a getting to experience raising littles of both genders. I LOVE having a girly girl who likes to dress up and do all the super girly things that moms of daughters can attest to, but can I just say that S-I-X has been a challenge!! Oh my, the opinions over eVEryThINg!!
So let's talk fashion for a second. She's had a major growth spurt this Summer and most of her shoes don't fit. I knew I wanted to get her a new pair of boots for Fall and I decided we better go try them on since I had no clue on size...and good thing we did, I was way, waaaaaaay off on boot sizes!!  
Do you see what I'm talking about...I bet you can almost here, "But mama..."
{and yes, she's wearing two right shoes...silly pumpkin!}
And for the record, the sparkly, bedazzled pink ones ended up on her Christmas wish list and we came home with the brown pair. But goodness, she sure does make a cute little cowgirl!!
And this right here is very much "Grace" at the moment...unicornsballet/dancepinkjewelry + sparkly, frilly stuff...
And apparently this little fella does not want to be outdone! Check out his pick...Spiderman boots! Oh my! .......yes, another item added to the Christmas wish list - he he he!  
What a pair!!  Love them both to pieces!!
{and so thankful that Hudson couldn't care less what clothes I put on him - ha!}


Karen said...

Oh no I thought 6 would be better for my girls. I struggled at that age with both my boys. Almost forget the headache it caused till I read this. Good luck.

Unknown said...

Hoping to hear about SEASIDE soon!

Kelli said...

Love the boots!! My 6 year old wants boots this year as cute
Oh and the dress Grace has on LOVE IT!!

Angel said...

Adorable Grace and love the sweet boots!

Jenn said...

If she's gonna be picky at least she's picky about wanting CUTE stuff! My 7 year old only wants "big kid" stuff (athletic clothes and jean shorts) like her big sisters :( SNIFF! I miss dressing them up in all the frilly stuff!!